HOLLYWOOD—I had high hopes for this 41st installment of the reality competition series “Survivor,” but with each episode it seems to have become a game full of twists and this season has been packed so heavy with twists I’m starting to lose hope for any surprises and that is NOT fun when it comes to your reality TV. Xander realized that Evvie cannot be fully trusted, so did Liana. It was apparent that Evvie was scrambling a bit to repair her game. Sharing that information with DeShawn about Xander and his idol was NOT smart.

This week’s episode ‘Betraydar’ was indeed a stunning one to say the least. Yeah, it looks like Yase is completely destroyed and Tiffany, Liana, Evvie and Xander are all playing their own games at this point people. DeShawn, Heather and Erika realized that Xander, Evvie and Tiffany cannot be trusted at all. Here we go with another advantage in the game, this time Jeff Probst told the audience directly the advantage would be hidden on the bench for the person(s) sitting out in the reward challenge.

There were playing for grilled cheese sandwiches, and the one person not playing was Erika, who was about to possibly gain another advantage to change her course in the game, but Xander decided to volunteer his spot. Hmm, that feels like he knows an advantage could be in play. Didn’t know you could do that in the game. Was it strategy to earn him some points with the others, maybe? Xander was indeed looking, but he didn’t find it people.

Evvie helped her Blue team right to victory, letting Danny, Naseer, Erika and DeShawn to some cheesy sandwiches people. Shan and Liana were falling apart by not getting the opportunity to enjoy food compared to the others. Talk started to turn to Shan, Liana and Xander were bonding about targeting Evvie. Xander was smart to sit out. However, the tension between Shan and Ricard is continuing to grow. His desire to want to take a bite of papaya was the end of the world.

Jeff offered a temptation for people to sit out for a jar of rice, but if multiple people sat out, they would get enough rice for 3 days. Jeff wanted 7 people to sit out, but Shan was willing to step out for food for the tribe. The problem was ONLY 2 people so far (Naseer and Shan), but everyone else was NOT willing to step forward, but Xander offered up his opportunity. It makes sense. Why? Naseer, Xander and Shan have idols. Ricard doesn’t, but I think those other three will respect the move he made and keep him safe as a result.

Everyone else was competing, with Tiffany, DeShawn and Erika take out within a matter of seconds. Jeez this challenge is not going to last long people. So our final three was Liana, Heather and Evvie, and Evvie totally needed this victory otherwise she’s about to be out of the game people. Evvie or Heather, and considering it was clear Evvie would be a target right at the beginning of the episode it feels like Evvie is about to win Individual Immunity, which she did.

Looks like everyone wanted to split the vote and decide between Xander and Tiffany. However, Danny wanted to take a shot at Naseer. Shan was adamant that Xander was a target, and I have to agree with her, DeShawn and Danny you have Naseer in your pocket, why would you target him. Yeah, DeShawn is starting to annoy me a bit; he’s a bit entitled and arrogant and it is apparent he will target people that he is aligned with if they don’t cave to his wants and needs. Naseer didn’t like hearing his name, so Shan had to throw out Heather. Jeez, there is absolute chaos, Tiffany started to scramble and she started to talk to everyone people.

So we are finally seeing Heather play the game people. She was not happy to have her name thrown out and she seems to have Shan on her radar. So Tribal Council is underway and it was apparent that the ability to sacrifice their own game for food for the tribe was discussion at first, that was until things turned to concerns of who is safe and who is not safe. Could we see another crazy Tribal Council like last week? Danny trying to show who is at the top and who is NOT is not good in my opinion.

Really Heather? Jeff was ready to cast votes, but Heather decided to star whispering and causing all sorts of mayhem. I am so SICK AND TIRED OF THIS! Sit down and chat, no more getting up and moving around. Why in the hell is DeShawn acting like this? He is literally annoying the hell out of me this entire episode, he is acting like a baby. I honestly have no idea who is in trouble this time around, Xander, Heather, Naseer or Tiffany. Wow, I did not see that one at all people. Tiffany was playing the game and to see her out and the first person of the jury tells me this game is totally all over the place.

A lot was discovered this episode, Shan has made enemies with Heather, DeShawn and Ricard. Yase is a complete mess, Danny is a follower not a leader and DeShawn is a big baby when things don’t go his way. In addition, I’m back rooting for Xander. The scrambling is in major effect next week, can’t wait “Survivor 41” fanatics!