HOLLYWOOD—America I have to say it, I am thoroughly enjoying this new evolution in the game of “Survivor.” Season 41 so far has me glued to the TV each week to see how things play out, I will admit I don’t need to see the risk your vote opportunity every week. Once was enough and after two weeks in a row, if it happens again, I’m going to call this twist a bust because we should just give votes out to everyone. This week’s episode, ‘My Million Dollar Mistake’ saw the aftermath of the latest vote out on the Yase tribe where Liana was frustrated that she didn’t make the move to take out Xander instead of Voce.

What another ‘Beware Advantage’ on the Yase tribe was found by Tiffany, but it’s NOT about the immunity idol, she has to travel to another island. Ok “Survivor” it feels like you’re giving too much. Over at UA, JD was cracking jokes, where another advantage was hidden at the camp, Brad was busy working, unware of the ‘Beware Advantage’ that was LITERALLY right behind him, all he had to do was look, and guess what he finally did. Brad took on the challenge, which was the same message that Tiffany got.

Over at Luvu Sydney told Danny straight to his face that Naseer wanted to take him out, as well as Deshawn. So the entire tribe knows what Naseer is up to. I don’t realize if Sydney is stupid of she just doesn’t care, so this edit is telling me that Naseer might be making a move that changes the game. Sydney spotted the advantage, so she just walked straight over and picked up the advantage and was forced to get on the boat as well. Seemed like everyone on UA was searching for something, while Brad was just sitting back and relaxing people.

Wow, Genie and Brad found the three-way shared Immunity Idol. This is crazy Brad is hitting the jackpot in this week’s episode. So 2 of the 3 idols were found, we just have to see a member on Luvu locate the idol and then the fun an begin. So Genie and Brad KNOW Xander has one of the idols and with Brad and Genie as allies this game is looking damn exciting. Brad shared with Shan that he has found the idol, and he gave a bit too much information. This is not looking good in my opinion for Brad people; sharing too much can get you in trouble.

Brad is a damn character; he built a body to make it look like he was still at camp even though he wasn’t. JD spotted something, just as he snuck to get on the boat. Tiffany and Sydney also snuck onto the boat where they were taken to a region where they can choose between two advantages, something for your tribe or something for your own game. If all players choose tarp they get tarp, if all players choose steal a vote, they lose their vote. This is so easy, discuss as a group, and Tiffany made it clear to Sydney she was there to play and Sydney picked up on it.

Ok, 20 minutes in and this episode is rocking people. Brad wanted to steal that vote, Sydney selected tarp, which meant Tiffany’s decision was tarp. That is going to cause some major friction. I will admit trying to navigate all these rules, twists turns and how these advantages work has my brain spinning and not in a good way. This feels like “Survivor” on steroids people.

All three returned to camp and it was apparent that Brad only got the steal the vote. So in essence, Brad obtained a vote that he just lost. However, Brad spoke at the Immunity Challenge and Xander immediately picked up that he found that three-way immunity idol people. Still no vote for Brad or Xander people, as Luvu has NOT discovered the idol.

So we get to our immunity challenge that saw Yase still behind, but I have a feeling they will edge out a victory and not head to Tribal Council this week. Yase was looking strong and then Brad stepped in to help UA get back into the battle. Luvu won once again, so it was a battle between Yase and UA, but it was Yase who claimed the victory. This means UA is going to Tribal Council and with these advantages that Brad has this is about to be some fun strategy people. Genie was not happy and it looks like JD could be in trouble if I’m being honest people.

The scrambling begins, so Brad can do nothing people, no vote, no steal the vote, so Brad wants JD out of the game, and made that clear to Genie. Shan is starting to spot things and realizes that JD had an extra vote; he realized he had to come clean to Shan and Ricard. It is not looking good for JD, as Ricard and Shan questioned if they can trust him. She wanted JD out, but Ricard was truly scared of Brad. Oh, this is going to be fun.

Dammit JD, how can you be that sloppy? He needs to align with Brad and Genie and target Ricard is he is smart. JD confessed his sins to Shan as a bartering tool, but I think Shan might use that to send him packing people. This woman is NOT messing around and she is about to break someone’s heart. I would have revealed the vote, but not given it to Shan. JD you have 2 votes, you go to Genie and you have 3 votes boom, you can vote out Ricard or if ballsy Shan.

Welcome to Tribal Council people and it was a one full of dramatics, and JD knew he was in trouble. Ricard started to realize that the game has to be played with those you trust and darts were thrown to Genie. So it was apparent Genie and Ricard are NOT fans of one another people. JD placed his allegiance to the tribe in front of everyone and Shan’s response spelt trouble from him. It feels like JD’s time in the game is coming to an end; I feel it in my gut people. OMG, I keep forgetting about the ‘Shot in the Dark Die.’

It is indeed an opportunity for immunity that we haven’t seen played just yet in the game. That was a blindside I did not see coming because Brad was booted, and Genie was flabbergasted people. Ok, so what happens with that three-way immunity idol that Brad discovered? Does he will it to anyone? Is it placed back at the camp for someone else to find it? The complications are present more than ever this season on “Survivor” people, until next fanatics, this season is fun!