HOLLYWOOD—I thought the season 42 premiere of “Survivor” was top tier. It was entertaining for about 80 percent of the episode beyond that hiccup of Jackson being pulled from the game and the obvious vote out of Zach from Ika. This week’s episode ‘Feels Like a Rollercoaster’ saw more chaos within that tribe, and Tori showed a bit of emotion, as the contestants realized they still have 23 days to go, those three who are lucky to make it.

Over at Taki, Jenny and Chanelle found a crab, something that could be utilized for food. Hai was forced to acknowledge his struggle as a vegan, so the option to eat is limited and it was apparent that he was emotionally drained. Chanelle and Daniel were by his side as support. Maryanne was proving to continue to be a character; so much to the point that I think she was starting to annoy members on her tribe, Lindsay and Marya to be particular.

It was a treat to learn more about Omar and his religion, particularly him being a Muslim. We’re learning more and more about these characters each episode. Drea discussed the opportunity of forming a girl’s alliance and pulled Tori and Swati into her inner circle and she revealed she has an extra vote. Hmm, not sure if that was a wise idea to share that information because right away Swati realized Drea was a threat and she needed to be taken out. Gotta be careful who you share information with in the game of “Survivor” it can indeed cost you big time people.

Mike wanted to show that he was ready to play the game by working hard at the camp, but also searching for the idol, but did NOT realize the ‘Beware Advantage’ comes with news, the same one form “Survivor 41.” I hate this three-way idol twist, so Mike just discovered he has lost his vote. Yeah, that’s not good people. Omar realized that he could utilize Omar as a meat shield, so we have a bromance people. So Jonathan might appear like a tough guy, but he has a strong social game. Marya shared the tale of losing her brother as a result of COVID-19, so it was an emotional toll on her. This episode is giving me all the feels.

Back at Vati, Mike shared with Jenny that he found the idol, but he has not vote, so he needed her loyalty. Seriously? Mike cannot remember where he bared the idol that he found. Just keep it with you. Mike shared with Daniel he had the idol and he has no vote. Daniel knowing this information is dangerous. He shared that information with Chanelle and it was a great strategy: don’t allow that phrase to be said because then the idols cannot be activated people! Wow, why hasn’t anyone thought of that people?

The Immunity Challenge looked like another complicated one. The blind-fold challenge is never an easy one, especially when EVERYONE is chatting including Jeff Probst who never shuts his mouth! Vati was first to complete the puzzle, followed by Ika, who I honestly thought was about to head to Tribal Council, but nope, they edged out the victory and it was Taku who lost the puzzle by mere seconds, this shall be interesting people. Who is getting booted from Taku people? I have no idea; it could be anyone if I’m being honest.

Let the backstabbing begin people. Omar didn’t think Jonathan was in danger. Looks like Marya or Maryanne was on the chopping block. So it looks like the shot in the dark might play big this time this season. Well at least Marya knows to play her shot in the dark, so Maryanne still has no idea if she lost her vote or if she got another one at Tribal Council.

Maryanne you don’t want to go searching for an idol, and it was apparent that Lindsay and Marya busted Maryanne who was panicked that she was in major danger. What is going on with us having these Tribal Councils literally transpiring in the final 7 to 8 minutes of the game? It feels rush and I don’t like that people. Damn, I forgot Taku only had 5 tribe members, so if Maryanne has her second vote, it gives her a bit of leverage people. Maryanne did point out other dynamics to the game that forces alternative strategies to come to play.

Maryanne is a character, and a chatter, that left everyone laughing and somewhat annoyed at the same time. Marya decided to play her shot in the dark. So her vote does not count, and she was not safe, so that means ONLY 4 votes and it looked unanimous for Marya to be booted from the game. Tough to see her go, but I really wanted Maryanne to stay so I’m happy people. The teaser next week doesn’t give much, but Jeff says something unprecedented takes place. Yeah, he says that all the time people. Until next Wednesday “Survivor” fanatics!