HOLLYWOOD—Chaos is upon us in the latest episode of “Survivor 43” as the contestants and the viewers wondered if the merge was truly upon us or if this was another gimmick up the producers sleeve. This week’s episode, ‘Mergatory’ witnessed all three tribes coming together and the game really kicking into high gear.  Back at Coco, we didn’t really see the aftermath of that blindside, however, Ryan, James, Cassidy and Karla were under the impression that they made it to the merge, and Karla called it very early in the episode, this is NOT the “Survivor” that everyone is used to. Ryan made it clear that he was a free agent; he was not Coco strong people.

Over at Vesi, Jesse, Noelle, Dwight and Cody were ready for the game to change. It seems the tribes were merging at the Baka island and people were so cheery and happy, but I want the fireworks that is what matters most to me. Owen was wondering who had advantages, and what the hell is NOELLE doing? Why are you telling Owen this information, that Jesse cannot vote and that you have a steal a vote? Owen has a lot of information, but he doesn’t know about Karla’s idol which is a huge advantage for her. NOELLE you are talking too much, which triggered Elie to realize that Cody has an idol.

Elie you’re a bit too confident, and that sounds like something that can lead to your undoing if I’m being honest. The time has come people as Jeff disclosed that the merge was NOT upon us just yet, as we have 2 teams of 6 yet again. The team to earn victory is safe at the next Tribal Council, and the other six would be up for a vote out people. It was a moment of chance, where one person would be the odd one out and is forced to choose which team to align with. Win and you’re safe, lose and you’re at risk.

Noelle had the gray rock, so it was Gabler, Jesse, Ryan, Janine, Dwight and Karla, the other team was Cassidy, Elie, Owen, Cody, James and Sami. Noelle decided to go with Blue, even though she couldn’t compete. I will be honest I hate that the contestants have to fight to make it to the merge.  The Red team had a major advantage, as Blue tried their best to play catchup. Noelle was not looking confident in the team that she selected, as Ryan helped Karla and Gabler get to the top people. Karla did indeed have a nifty injury, as Dwight and Jeanine vs Owen and Elie tried to put the puzzle together. God, I wish Jeff would shut the hell up during these challenges people! The constant chatter from him is so frustrating. Major comeback as the Blue team came back for victory people.

So Jeanine, Jesse, Karla, Dwight, Ryan, Noelle and Gabler are all safe people, which means Sami, Elie, James, Cassidy, Owen or Cody might get the boot tonight people. Let the scrambling begin people because I feel like Cody and Elie could be on the chopping block. Elie and Owen wanted to target Cassidy and James, while Cassidy wanted to target Cody, and Elie was telling a lot of lies people, and James picked up on that. He didn’t trust here, and that was a good catch.

At the merge fest, I am certain there has to be an advantage right people. Conversations started about making moves as Ryan wanted them to be the seven to the end. Jeanine didn’t like hearing from Gabler that Elie searched his bag. Karla picked up on the fact that Baka is fractured, and that it might be good to target her.

At least Gabler is playing the game and realizing that he has to get his enemies out not people who were aligned on his tribe. Elie threw Cassidy under the bus, and she learned that Gabler is not her ally and it caused Elie to spiral people. Gabler confessed that Owen and Sami told him who did it, and Elie you’re looking stupid by not speaking the truth, and she just disclosed that Jeanine had an idol. Elie when you get caught in the fire you spiral and you can see her unravel right in front of her eyes.

Sami was confronted by Elie and it worried him, as Owen realized he was in danger also. Elie you should have STAYED QUIET, but her paranoia was started to get at Sami and Gabler spilled in front of Ryan and Jeanine that he was aware she had the hidden immunity idol. Karla was right that Baka was a walking time bomb. James realized that Elie was after Cody, and he alerted Jesse, Dwight and Cody with Ryan spilling the tea to his Coco members. So let’s get this Tribal Council going people because we’re about to see some fireworks explode here people. Elie when she is not in control she does indeed spiral people; she would be hard to align with people. The conversations about idols, advantages and once again I forgot about the Shot in the Dark twist that could shake-up the game people.

It looked like Jeanine sensed that something was off, but this vote should explain quite a few things people. So let’s be clear there are 13 people, 2 cannot vote, so there is ONLY going to be 11 votes and its looking like James and Elie are in trouble people, but Owen and Cassidy also got votes, and it was looking like James could be in major trouble, but nope it was Elie who overplayed and saw the boot as a result. Jeanine was stunned and Elie threw Gabler under the bus and he threw it right back at her.

So the merge is here people, and next week’s episode looks like more people are focused on being in the driver seat which could lead to more divisions amongst those tribes. Until next Wednesday “Survivor” fanatics!