HOLLYWOOD—Well it was the penultimate episode of “Survivor 43” before the big finale next week. Would the viewers finally be treated to an entertaining episode in ‘Telenovela?’ The verdict would be determined by the Final Six Tribal Council where 3 idols were at play and let’s just say we final saw some idol play people. Be advised: NO IDOLS HAVE BEEN PLAYED THIS ENTIRE SEASON AT THIS POINT PEOPLE!

Once again, we have a flashback, as Owen confessed to the viewers that Karla learned last minute she didn’t want to look like she was on the outs. Owen strategized and informed Cassidy that Karla was attempting to take a shot at her and she confronted her pal. Karla had to play the deflector game and she realized that her #1 no longer trusted her fully. Karla played the waterworks to convince Cassidy all was accurate. Jesse refused to play Karla’s game and threw her under the bus to Cassidy. So it is definitely looking like Karla is in hot water and I like this see this rift, but you know the rift I want to see: Jesse vs. Cody. No one is bringing up their names and it is long overdue people.

We have a reward challenge that is all about the blind being led by only one who can see. Cassidy, Jesse and Gabler were on the red team, Karla, Owen and Cody on the blue team, with the Blue team having a massive lead over red. Wow, red caught up quite fast, but blue managed to get the victory, leaving Jesse, Cassidy and Gabler back at camp with the opportunity to strategize and determine what moves they want to make as we near the end.

Cody who has been relatively quiet in terms of his energy ramped thing up a bit after having a bit of caffeine which could place a target on his back. Karla confided with Cody and Owen that she knows she is a target. However, I really don’t see how Cody and Owen could not read thru her BS. Karla don’t wait till 5 to use your idol, use it at 6. Owen wants to target Karla and realizes her ability to win the game is rising by the minute.

Back at the camp, Gabler, Cassidy and Jesse were strategizing, with Gabler wanting targets on Cody or Karla. So it makes me wonder what will transpire if someone has an idol. Cassidy revealed to Gabler that Karla has an idol and so does Cody. Gabler spilled the tea to Cody that Karla has an idol. This Immunity Challenge is going to be massive because if the wrong person wins it can change the game.

A lengthy Immunity Challenge people that ends with a bat puzzle, I’m really hoping to see a Karla or Cassidy victory to cause a possible hiccup in the plan that appears quite obvious to the viewer. Jesse who was in dead last managed to make an epic comeback people, as it became clear that everyone was working on the puzzle except for Karla who was at a massive disadvantage. Cassidy had a comfortable lead, but Karla and Jesse were close behind. However, Karla was having major issues with her hands preventing her from continuing to compete, as Cassidy and Cody were neck, and Cassidy had a piece backwards, giving Cody and opportunity to catch up, but Cassidy managed the victory and she’s in the final five people.

Owen and Gabler were worried that they could be in trouble based on if idols are played or not. Cody and Karla confessed to each other they have an idol and threatened to use their idols, but the plan were to lie about not using their idols, but that is too risky people. Why? All someone has to do is call a bluff and you can easily be out of the game with your idol in your pocket. Cody confessed that he had no plan to honor Karla’s deal and confirmed to Owen what he’s planning to blindside Karla by keeping her comfortable.

This seems too easy people, and Jesse once again is starting to realize he has to play the game to win which means he has to strike at his ally who he has been playing this game with since Day 1. For Jesse, he is trying to win for his family. Which is why you play “Survivor:” to win people. Jesse threw out his plan to Owen which he had Cody’s idol in his possession. Ok, things changed when Cody requested his idol from Jesse, and it was a hiccup because he wanted to show Karla.

Ok, this is the type of gameplay and chaos that I want to see.  Yeah, if Jesse pulls off this move, he deserves to win the game hands down. His strategy this season has been flawless. I just wish the viewers didn’t have to wait till the second to last episode of the season to actually see chaotic and entertaining gameplay. That absolutely sucks as a fan of the show.

Tribal Council fireworks started to erupt when Jesse explained that Cody and Karla have idols and planned to play them to shakeup the game as much as possible. The notion of a possible bluff could be in play which Noelle and James conversed quietly on the jury. Jeff Probst please stop with this “how confident” you are that things will pan out the way that you want them before people vote. The tension people: is an idol being played it is long overdue and I’m ready to see some fireworks. Jesse made a move and decided to play an idol for Owen, which prompted Karla to play her idol to ensure she stuck around and Cody knew something was up.

Cody was livid with the move that Jesse just made. Karla was livid, Cassidy seemed thrilled with the move and just like that Cody was blindsided in the worst possible way. Cody did go out with excellent class people, because that was a blindside that absolutely stung. Something tells me with this new camp, at least another idol will be available to be found. The jury obviously saw Jesse’s move as an epic one to say the least and I would be thrilled to see Jesse, Karla and Cassidy in the final three, however, my gut is telling me we’re going to see Karla and Jesse sniped before they make it to the final three which will be an absolute bummer for viewers. We’ll see how it all ends next week “Survivor 43” fanatics!