HOLLYWOOD—Last week was another fun episode of season 44 of “Survivor.” This week the chaos was amplified a bit more with a new twist in the game in the episode, ‘I’m Felicia.’ Things kicked off with the viewers getting a peak at the fallout from Claire being voted out at Soka, with a yoga session making things seem as if all is well, as it was soon revealed that Frannie, Matt, Danny and Heidi all planned to blindside Josh if they head back to Tribal Council; so much for being comfortable Josh.

Back at Tika, they all stumbled upon the birdcage with an ‘X’ marked. It was Carolyn’s plan to utilize this coin as a way to change the game in a unique way. I love this woman people. Carolyn plan to utilize the ‘X’ as a fake idol was absolutely genius. Smartest move of the game by far people. This woman might be kooky, but she is strategic as hell, as Sarah fell for the trick and is under the impression she has an actual idol, but she doesn’t.

A new challenge for reward was about to send 3 people on a journey, one that is about to change the game people. Heidi your overconfidence might be your biggest mistake in the game. Sending Josh, Jaime and Carson to go on this journey might change the course of the game in a way never expected. I like this, I like what “Survivor” is cooking up for this 44th installment; people came to play people.

I wonder what is going to be the twist this time around with this latest journey. Wow, Josh, Carson and Jaime were ALL GIVEN IMMNUNITY IDOLS! I did not expect that to transpire. The expiration is when the merge transpires. Meaning they have to use the idol before the merge and as I expected: THEY ARE NOT GOING BACK TO THEIR ORIGINAL TRIBE, they are going to a new TRIBE! Crazy, this is a twist in a twist that shakes up the game in an epic way that I love. Jaime, you don’t have 2 idols, you have one. Josh, you really needed the tribe swap because if not you would be headed home.

At Tika, Yam Yam, Carolyn and Sarah were shocked to see Josh joining their tribe. Josh is a bad liar because Sarah immediately realized he was a surgeon and he shared he was a gym buff and everyone knew he was lying thru his teeth. Josh you put a target on your back and you didn’t even have to. At Ratu, Lauren, Brandon, Kane and Matthew were surprised to see Carson at their tribe. Carson was smart to turn the tables on Yam Yam letting it be known he’s the power player. Matthew was not happy that his burgeoning relationship with Jaime was now in the dumps because she was no longer there. He spilled all sorts of tea to Carson about what was going on with his tribe. Smart play, possible, but Carson has no idea that Jaime has a fake and real idol people.

At Soka, Frannie, Heidi, Danny and Matt were stunned to see Jaime as part of their tribe people. Sorry guys, Jaime has an idol. Danny is quite blunt as he decided to search thru her bag to see if she had any ‘powers.’ Bold move, but she has her idol in her possession, not with her belongings. Oh, it would be delicious to see someone from that four go home, because the level of cockiness it too much for my liking.

The unexpected water challenge is back in play, as both Ratu and Soka were forced to sit 2 players out (Matthew and Jaime). Lauren couldn’t grab the key, so Brandon had to swim back and do the journey a second time. Yeah, Ratu is about to lose time as a result of Lauren, just as Yam Yam struggled on the balance beam. Soka had a massive advantage to work on the puzzle. Darn, Soka completed their puzzle first. I seriously wanted to see them back at Tribal Council. However, Ratu had a massive comeback, as Tika was about to head back to Tribal Council.

Why do I have a feeling that Josh is about to head home people, we have to have the emerge next week, because when you get to a tribe of 3 it just doesn’t work for TC right? Josh, if you don’t play that idol you deserve to go home buddy, I’m sorry. Yam Yam didn’t want to be targeted, and I can understand Carolyn’s frustration of her being labeled the weak one in the tribe, and she had reason to believe that. Josh you’re a bozo because you cannot believe this. Carolyn sold herself to Josh and he shared that he has an idol and he wants to use it with her.

Josh wants Sarah out of the game, and the fact that Josh is about to play his idol on Carolyn is the dumbest move possible people. If Josh doesn’t use his idol on himself this is the dumbest move I have ever seen in “Survivor” people. Sarah has that power where she can take any advantages played during TC? Why not use that as a precaution? This Tribal Council is so moot people because I don’t see any theatrics with this potential move. Yam Yam wanted to make moves, but Carolyn was not pleased, but this seems like the biggest act in the world people. Josh if you really don’t play and idol, you deserve to pack those bags.

Josh was smart enough to play his idol for himself! Thankfully, this is not obvious people, as I think Sarah is a goner people. So, Carolyn voted for Sarah because she knew something might transpire. Sarah, you had a power and you didn’t even utilize it! Yam Yam was not happy. Four episodes in and this season is killing it people. Carolyn is such a wildcard people, she is dangerous as hell, but makes this game so much more interesting.

Next week, it looks like we’re about to see a medevac, and the preview pretty much conveyed it. Making matters worse the tension between Josh and Yam Yam looks like it is about to intensify even more. Until next week “Survivor” fanatics!