HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “Survivor” delivered a blindside, one at Tika that Yam Yam didn’t see coming as Carolyn sided with Josh and sent Sarah home. This week’s episode, ‘The Third Turd’ is still proving this might be one of the best seasons of “Survivor” since ‘David vs. Goliath.’ I might want to be careful with saying that so early, but after five episodes I haven’t been disappointed once people.

Carolyn explained the reasoning for her move, and Yam Yam realized that he was left out of the vote. I’m concerned if these two can repair their friendship before the merge otherwise, they will both be in trouble, but in a confessional Carolyn admitted she has to strike at Josh if she’s smart. Back at Ratu, Matthew admitted his arm and shoulder was in extreme pain and that conversation with Kane almost made it clear sooner or later Matthew is going to be pulled from the game. Matthew trusts Carson even though they’ve only known each other for 4 days. Kane, Matthew all trust this kid, but I will admit Carson is playing a great strategic game.

At Soka, another bonding moment was taking place, but I really want to see strategy at play people. Jaime was busy building bonds at her new tribe by wanting to share information on her old tribe to foster those relationships. Frannie and Matt are either clueless or just don’t care that others see how close they are. Yeah, they’ll be a target at the merge; people would be stupid not to take one of them out.

At Tika, the tension between Josh and Yam Yam was ramping up. Josh conveyed he doesn’t trust Yam Yam, but the attitude between these two is just bonkers. Josh lied about obtaining another idol while at Soka, and then he manifested a fake idol as leverage. The amount of fake idols manifested this season is beyond crazy. Some middle ground was reached as both discussed their sexuality and they led to a potential target being placed on Carolyn’s back. Just one hiccup, she has an idol no one knows about.

The Immunity Challenge was another complicated one, and I thought, it is not going to be fun to see three people in each tribe compete. Gosh, can we stop with these ‘journeys?’ At this point it is becoming how many advantages or twists can be thrown into the game. Just let it unfold organically already at this point. This challenge is not as complicated as it first looked so that is a good thing. Tika was falling behind as Soka and Ratu had an edge. Ratu took the lead, soon followed by Soka, with Tika playing catch up. Ratu claimed the first victory with Soka followed behind and Tika is heading back.

There is no tension left in this episode because it obvious that Josh is headed home. The only mystery is this journey that Brandon, Danny and Carolyn are about to take that trip about what power is coming into the game now? Matthew was seen by the doctor after the Immunity Challenge and it’s just a matter of time before he’s pulled people. On the journey, Brandon was wondering what story he could tell his tribe, but none of that would matter.

No twist this time, oh, this is a welcome twist. They got to feast on food and rest. Carolyn shared that things are tense at Tika. Carolyn you talked too much and now Danny knows Jaime has an idol. Danny and Brandon as bros and Carolyn felt left out of the loop, yeah, guys Carolyn is there and people should not ignore her, she’s a bigger strategic threat than it appears. I don’t think I have rooted for a bigger player in “Survivor” in years people. She is so underestimated and that is dangerous.

Carolyn’s meeting with the other guys forced her to think she doesn’t want to see the bros bro down and realized she needs to align back with her former ally to prevent that. Josh heard those details directly from Carolyn’s mouth and realized that he was in trouble. Josh bad move showing that idol and that note. Why? Carolyn immediately realized the idol was fake as well. This had to be one of the worst strategic plays I can think of people. Josh, Josh, you’re a bad player buddy.

“Survivor” should never and I mean never allow tribes to get as low three people. It just isn’t fun to watch. Hearing Josh’s tale about his upbringing did give me the feels for Josh because he is a dead man walking. Why in the hell didn’t I realize that its 8:54 p.m. and we haven’t gone to Tribal Council. Duh, it’s because Matthew has been pulled from the game and there is no TC tonight.

Guess I’m too invested in the game people to catch that. Yam Yam hit it right on the money that Matthew had to be pulled from the game meaning Josh was spared and lives another day. Josh, you were about to be voted out, you were saved by the skin of your teeth. Question is what happened to Matt’s idol. Did he gift it to Carson or Brandon or someone else? Is the idol about to be thrown back into the game for someone else to find?

Jeff alluded to a possible surprise coming to the game. Slight bummer to the end of the episode, but we got confirmation the merge is INDEED next week, so we’re finally about to see some strategy explode and could we see a few real idols and a few fake idols played? Next Wednesday should be plenty of fun for us “Survivor” fanatics!