HOLLYWOOD—Katurah made a big move during last week’s episode on “Survivor” and all I could think was whether her move would have ramifications for everyone back at Belo. Well, we found out pretty soon on this week’s episode, ‘Following A Dead Horse to Water.’ Drew is still arrogant as ever, and many expected Kaleb to go out and it was predictable. Bruce are you seriously angry at Jake for making a move? Dude you are alienating a potential ally in the game.

Julie, of all people, who is a bit of a dry, boring character is acting like being a target is a bad thing. Get over it Julie that is the problem with Reba, none of you think you can be targeted?! That was the most awkward conversation I think I’ve seen in a long time. Are we looking at a potential all female alliance, as Kendra tossed out the idea and the conversations were had, as Julie and Dee were more concerned about their foursome with Austin and Drew.

Looks like once again, Bruce is the target which means there is no way he is the boot, I’m feeling Kellie might be more of a casualty if Bruce plays that idol to rescue himself. Bruce trusts you Kellie it’s a bad move to take out an ally when they are 100 percent loyal to you. Something is about to unfold in the game as the iconic Survivor Auction is returning to the game, but with a twist that the players had to search for tubes that were hidden at camp with money. They had to return the tubes back to their basket, and they could only do one at a time. Bruce, what the hell are you doing? He’s not even trying to locate any cash. Dude you cannot bid if you don’t have any money. Katurah, seriously your hate for Bruce is becoming a bit stale and annoying at this point in the game. Dee earning $900 bucks that is crazy and its REAL money people. Oh, this is going to be so good.

Jeff made it clear that there are not advantages this time around, the first five items are guaranteed, but six thru 15 is a gamble, and the auction can end without notice and in a crazy twist, whoever has the most money at the end of the auction loses their vote at the next Tribal Council. That is without a doubt a game changer. Austin and Dee better spend that money ASAP.

Kendra spent all her money on beer and pretzels for $360. At least she has a vote people. Kellie spent $500 for a bowl of fries, ketchup and a soft drink. Ok. Item number three was covered so it’s a mystery people. Emily spent $440 for a glass of wine, a meat tray with cheese. Dee was willing to spend $900 for a chocolate milkshake. Item five was covered, and I suspect this might be something bad this time around. Katurah spent $480 and was given an option to have a trade off, but she picked the fisheyes, and refused to eat, but Austin purchased the prize for $100 and went right for those eyes.

Drew spent $520 for the item Katurah didn’t select, but he got a bowl of candy, tried a trade, but Jeff was not biting. Austin spent all his money on a nice slice of pizza. Julie had the most money and Jeff had people worried. Ok, this is interesting, as hygiene became an item available for bid. Julie spent all her money on toothpaste, mouthwash. So, we have item eight which is a large chocolate cake that could be shared with two others, meaning, Kellie is likely losing her vote, Jake choose Julie and he was trying to build good faith, Bruce was also chosen.

The way they are eating this cake is beyond disgusting people. Kellie, Brue and Emily are the only ones left with money. So Kellie not losing her vote, it is either Bruce or Emily, looks like Bruce is going to lose his vote. Kellie purchased a margarita, peanut butter and jelly and chips. So Bruce lost his vote with only $80. Bruce has that idol so he better be using it. No surprise, Emily is the one who spills to Drew that there could be a potential women’s alliance.

Katurah you are falling right into a trap about targeting Bruce, I would be so satisfied if Katurah actually gets the boot for her unbelievable desire to get Bruce out of the game. This Immunity Challenge is about strength and maintaining your body weight before the game. Sorry, I would NOT be sitting out of the Tribal Council for a bag of rice. Now Jeff did the incentivizing by slicing a hole into the bag causing rice to deplete. That was beyond brutal I’m sorry, but I loved every moment of it.

So Emily, Dee, Drew and Katurah sat out of the challenge, with only Julie, Kendra, Kellie, Jake, Bruce and Austin competing to be safe at the next TC. Kellie was the first to drop from the challenge followed by Kendra. Four people still left with the final transition, but Austin and Jake soon dropped. We are left with Julie and Bruce fighting for safety and everyone was rooting for Julie and Bruce won Individual Immunity upsetting everyone’s plans for TC. Let the fun begin.

I feel Kellie is out here because it gives Austin more power by sending her out, he would NOW have an idol with Kellie being booted from the game. No one wanted to say a name because they are scared to be a target. Jake was a smart one and refused to say a name to Emily or Kellie. Jake decided to go searching for a potential idol, but aren’t there like three idols already in the game? People need to understand if someone is a target don’t go down without a fight.

Drew decided he wanted to take out Kellie, but of course Austin is ok with it because it gives him more power, and Emily are you a bozo for thinking Reba is going to be loyal to you to the five? It is not going to happen. This is looking like a fun TC because the timing is early and whenever that occurs that is a good sign. Yeah, the amulet power could be in play, Jake called out people for not competing thinking they are safe in the game. Jake swung huge with his analogy that some people are not playing the game cause they’re making safe moves and playing this group mentality. Dee was too brutal noting that she is confident in the vote and something is cooking with Katurah. Wow, Jake mentioned he might have an idol and it caused plenty of people to react people. Does Jake have an idol? Oh, this is looking fun, OMG if Jake survives this is beyond epic move because it is bluffing at its best. Funny thing is we didn’t hear from Bruce at all but Jake decided to play his Shot in the Dark, but he was Not Safe.

It would have been epic if Jake was actually safe. The fact that Jake is going out in this spot in the game absolutely sucks. Wow, something shifted with Kellie being targeted which means Austin, Drew, Dee and Emily voted Kellie. She was blindsided in a massive move, and Emily owned up to it. Emily really put a target on her back with that move; Jake is stunned that he’s safe.

I really want to see Drew and Emily receive their comeuppance at this point because they need a taste of what a potential blindside is people. So, Austin has two idols, Drew lost Safety Without Power that has expired, and Bruce has an idol.

Next week looks interesting as next week three people lose their vote. So, at final nine, only six people will be voting, damn, Jeff is doing all in his power to ensure the majority doesn’t maintain the majority. It will be interesting seeing Emily target Dee with Austin as an ally, but I don’t see Austin pulling that trigger. He is a scary player and relies on Drew to make moves. Cannot wait till next week’s “Survivor!”