HOLLYWOOD—Well it hasn’t transpired in the new era of “Survivor,” but I am indeed glad to see the tribe swap in play on “Survivor 45.” I mean the Lulu tribe has been an absolute mess, and with only 3 of them left, I didn’t see the show having 3 people from each tribe competing in the Immunity Challenges. So we now have 3 tribes of five and the game shifted in this week’s episode, ‘Music to My Ears.’

It was fun seeing Sean’s reaction to that blindside, just as everyone seemed shocked by Sabiyah’s vote out at the latest Tribal Council. However, this was just the beginning of the fun, as the swap was in play, and no one expected it. Be careful what you wish for people. The new tribes are Lulu (Katurah, Kellie, Jake, Bruce and Kaleb); Reba (Julie, Dee, Sifu, Sean and J, Maya); Belo (Emily, Kendra, Brand, Austin and Drew). Interesting that none of Lulu are on the same tribe, but this is good for J. Maya and Sifu who were at the bottom on their tribe, if only they were willing to work together.

Bruce picked up on the fact that Katurah is not aligned with him and sees her as a threat. Yeah, this rivalry is going to be bad for those two. Jake wanted to align with Kaleb and team up with Bruce, so the 3 guys versus the 2 girls. At Belo, Emily was the power player because it was a 2-2, and she was a swing vote. Emily decided to spill the tea to her new tribemates about her position in the game. Emily was sharing a bit much in my opinion.

Drew you should be careful, Emily is more viperous than you expect. At Reba, it is 4-1, and if Sean can pick up the vibes he could align with Sifu and J. Maya who were actually on the outs with their former tribe. J picked up on Sean’s energy, and I like that pairing if they can make it transpire. Sifu what the hell are you doing, don’t open people’s bags (I feel that is such an invasion of privacy. Dee and Julie shouldn’t feel bad if someone goes thru their stuff. Sean and J are clicking, but she wants to go after Sifu, but you’re on the outs. J told Dee and Julie these details and they were not pleased. Yeah, J is putting a target on her back and I can see her getting the boot if they head to Tribal Council.

Back at Belo, Emily realized there are multiple avenues she could take. Austin and Drew chatted about the approach they wanted to take with all the advantages they have in the game. Which I forget that had tons of them. Austin and Drew wanted to bring Emily into the mix. Ok, I’ve heard the title of the episode from all three tribe members from Lulu.

At Lulu, Kellie was still riding the middle, and aligning with Kaleb and Bruce. Katurah realized that Kaleb, Bruce and Kellie and realized she needed to make a move to try to get aligned with Kaleb to take out Bruce. This could be interesting if they head to TC. Lulu was victorious during the Immunity Challenge meaning Kaleb is NOT heading to TC. So it was down to Reba and Belo, with Belo in the lead, as Austin just needed one more shot to secure his team’s safety, and Reba lost by mere seconds. Yes, Reba is headed to TC and I honestly think anyone could get the boot and I like that.

Bruce is still cracking jokes, right as Kaleb was finally happy to have fire after 9 days in the game. Interesting we’re seeing the other tribes when we know Reba is headed to Tribal Council. Oh, this is a terrible move for Julie and Dee to take out Sifu who can help them win challenges. I mean Julie has the right thoughts, but Sifu suspects that his tribe might be playing him, but this seems like a very early TC, so I feel like some shenanigans are in play.

This Tribal Council feels too scripted, like it is too easy for Sifu to be the target who has been the target since the start of the episode, and it just feels too easy. Sean being safe when there is a Reba four makes no sense and Jeff and company are pulling at straws to try to make things compelling when it is not the case. I’m sorry I feel for Sean, but this is boring and just like that Sean was quitting. This is another Hannah, so J. Maya is stunned, Julie is and so is Dee. Jeff is like are you kidding me; twice in one season. I knew things looked too good to be true; four episodes this season and two players have quit, not a good look “Survivor.”

Dee was whispering Sifu, but it seems like Julie was not game to make such a move, because Sifu got 1 vote, Sean got 3 votes, and Dee received 1 vote. Sifu is starting to question who voted for him, it was Dee. Dee you should expect to be exposed. That was a bummer of an episode, with another quit, even though it was a vote out. We can only hope things improve next episode, until then “Survivor 45” fanatics!