HOLLYWOOD—This was totally a bummer of an episode for “Survivor.” To be honest this week’s episode, ‘Wackadoodles Win’ felt like an actual filler episode, where not much of anything mattered, and whatever did is going to have ripple effects on one tribe and one player, which could be echoed on another tribe as well. Bhanu returned to camp upset at members of Yanu who truly played him like a fiddle after planting a fake idol for Jess to find to only vote her out.

He extended an olive branch to Kenzie, who if smart would consider playing with Bhanu because it would be an opportunity to pick up another number. Nope. She is so bonded with Tiffany and Q, she doesn’t realize the more numbers you have the better. Bhanu did at least pickup on that and realized Kenzie is a dangerous social player. He searched for an idol, but little did he know Tiffany was already in possession of it.

Over at Siga, there was a bit of fun because Jem located the Beware Advantage. I seriously don’t understand what is going on with these players wanting to play ‘Let’s Go Find The Idol Together.’ If anything the goal should be to find that idol solo. Why? That gives you major leverage in the game. The more people who know you have the idol the worse the situation for you. Jem didn’t realize that taking this advantage would be bad because it would result in her losing her vote until her tribe loses an Immunity Challenge.

Jem went from being giddy to being worried about what moves to make next in the game. Back at Nami, Hunter’s personal tale was a bit inspiring, but it would all be worth nothing with Randen suffering a physical setback that was about to change the course of the game for himself and his newest ally in Venus. Venus wanted to target Hunter, but her sights should have been set at Tevin and Soda who are more socially connected than Hunter.

The Immunity Challenge was a complete mess to watch. All the teams struggled greatly, but in the end it was a repeat and rinse of what we’ve seen the previous two episodes, Siga and Nami were safe, with Yanu heading back to Tribal Council for the third time in a row. I want to see variation in my reality TV not the same thing over and over again. I mean this was so obvious Bhanu was about to get the boot because Tiffany, Q and Kenzie were aligned. However, not so fast, because Q wanted to fall on the sword for his tribe because he felt his performance was so poor.

Gosh, I am so sick of seeing characters come on the series and throw in the towel the moment they have a bad performance in a challenge. It is just crazy and annoying as hell. Kenzie was annoyed with Q and so was Tiffany. Bhanu had a bit of luck on his side, but it would involve solving a complicated puzzle on a journey with Ben and Liz, and per Yanu, they were right he was spilling all sorts of tea to others. Yeah, it may not have been a bad idea to boot Bhanu after his performance at the last TC instead of Jess.

He had no success at the journey, so he returned to camp ready to face the music but hoped to make a move with Q’s assistance. However, all that strategy would do no good. Why? There was a med evacuation at Nami courtesy of Randen who suffered some serious pains that resulted in him needing an MRI. As a result, Jeff showed up to the camp to break the news to Randen who was pulled from the game. This is terrible news for Venus who found an ally who was willing to work with her to make a move at camp, with him gone it feels like she is back at the bottom of the tribe.

Over at Yanu, Jeff dropped the news that gave Bhanu another burst of life. He was a goner, so something tells me the next challenge would result in a Yanu win and perhaps Siga or Nami heading to Tribal Council for the first time and a possible shakeup in the game is about to happen. We shall see come next Wednesday “Survivor” fanatics!