HOLLYWOOD—It has felt like one of the longest seasons of “Survivor” I can think of in a very long time. I think there may have only been like two episodes that really had me invested. The rest just seemed like a slog to get through, and I was quite disappointed with the editing that seemed to give a clear indication of who was being voted out every single week. That is not fun TV, so with that said, “Survivor 46” came to an end this week, and a winner was crowned, perhaps not who you expected.

Maria found herself trying to do damage control with Charlie and it was not necessary. Charlie was planning to do the same to her, and as I stated last week, Maria has played the best game it is not even close with any of the remaining players. Wow, within eight minutes we are into the first Immunity Challenge of this three-hour packed finale.

I’m stunned there was no special advantage at the final five as we have seen in previous seasons of the ‘New Era.’ The winner of the challenge will get the opportunity to feast, but I suspect ONLY one additional person will join them, they wouldn’t do three, would they? It felt like this challenge would come down to Charlie and Maria and that was the case for the most part, but everyone had a shot at the puzzle and Kenzie seemed to move past the front-runners. Kenzie finished the puzzle, but she was having trouble solving the riddle which was key to unlocking the key.

Wow, Liz ran back to help Kenzie solve the number of holes in her plank. A Twist within a Twist people. Yeah, I don’t like people helping others to be successful in an IC, that just seems like such a cheat. Kenzie won IC, but it was not something she did solo people, so I wonder how the jury will feel about that. Kenzie you have to take Liz right? No, she took Ben. I kind of want Maria to find that idol (it could be out there) and deliver an epic blindside. This Ben and Kenzie bond I think is going to be critical to the endgame. Wow, Maria told Charlie she is going to search for an idol. Hmm, I would have kept that idol hunting to myself to deliver a blindside, but if Charlie kept Maria that would be quite dumb. Maria you are making a great move in trying to convince Kenzie that Ben isn’t trustworthy.

Maria pitched Ben again this time to Charlie and Liz, who I don’t know if these two were buying what she was selling. Liz you are an absolute idiot. If Maria survives this TC she absolutely deserves to win this game because it is one of the best moves I have every seen in this game. Tiffany was happy to see her bestie with the Immunity Necklace around her neck. I think what Liz did hurts her when it comes to the jury and the endgame.

Is this the give Maria her flowers moment, but things shifted to Liz and I seriously will not fathom if she aligns with Charlie to vote out Ben. It will leave me literally speechless, but this TC is such a bore fest. The music that is being played made it clear, Maria was getting the boot. Jeez, the editing on this series has gotten so bad in recent seasons. The jury really doesn’t feel pleased with the remaining four players; that look Tiffany and Tevin gave each other said so much to me.

Per usual, Ben was having another sleep terror or panic attack, and Kenzie was there as his ally. This is critical to the game because I think Ben’s vote is going to be detrimental to the end game. You know who has been there for him all these nights? Kenzie. Liz wants to give you a reality check, the four Nami members on jury are NOT voting for you.

Ok, this is a very different Final Four Immunity Challenge, something not seen before in the game. This is a puzzle, with a timer, where you roll a pinball, but you have to ensure you grab that ball before it falls, or you are stalled. Hmm, this is not like previous ones where if you drop, you’re out. Yeah, I like the elimination style Final Four IC. Ben has never won an IC, and it looks like he might finally edge one out, but who would he force to make fire and who would he bring to the Final Three with him. Is Liz even trying to win people. Did not see Ben winning that, but I don’t know if that means anything when it comes to the jury people.

I think Ben is taking Charlie to the Final Three, and he’s forcing Kenzie and Liz to make fire. Ben made it clear that Liz is going to the Fire Making Challenge. Yeah, Liz, you shouldn’t have told people about your financial wealth. Sorry, the tears are not working this time around. So who would Ben pit against Liz, Charlie or Kenzie? The jury was stunned that Ben won the Immunity Challenge. Venus’ look when she heard Liz talk about her threat level is hilarious. As I expected, Charlie was dragged to the Final Three, and Kenzie was forced to make fire.

This was a different approach for these two ladies, as it was all about preparation Kenzie’s nerves were truly getting the best of her, and it was apparent the jury was rooting for her. Kenzie really had to nurture this flame. Liz don’t get upset at Charlie for trying to help Kenzie. The way this jury was rooting for Kenzie, it feels like this is her game to lose. Liz is such a sore loser, and way too confident. Based on the jury’s looks, Liz you were no where close to winning this game.

So how is the jury planning to vote and who has the edge and who doesn’t? If Ben wins, I will just die. I think the jury is just speaking about Ben trying to give the audience hope he could ‘maybe’ win and as Soda stated this is not about OutLove the other players. Charlie, you hit it right on the money, you are seen as the puppet for Maria, and you didn’t come out of the shadows.

Time for the Final Three to pitch their tale to the jury who will decide the winner. Eight is an odd number for a jury. Tiffany kicked off the Q/A and made it clear to Charlie and Ben not to BS them. Ben could not pinpoint a specific move he made to change the course of the game. Charlie interjected about using Maria and Q as shields. Charlie was quite eloquent. Hunter noted that Kenzie was the reason he didn’t play his idol.

Q was defiant about wanting to take out Ben or Tim. Oh, this is chaotic between these two. Venus posed the question of making a mistake and using this to their advantage. Ok, Tiffany this game is not about you. Q stop being defiant, Ben just didn’t perform well under the pressure of proving his game. Tevin directed a question as using a member of the jury to further their game. Hunter wanted Charlie and Kenzie to answer who they would have put in fire. Hunter’s question was intuitive to the notion that Charlie might not have a chance to win the game. Soda noted Ben had no agency, Charlie was a shadow of Maria and Kenzie was brought into votes last minute. Wow, Soda’s question was pivotal to me.

I think things are more even between Charlie and Kenzie, but Ben doesn’t have a shot, he has no agency in the game for me. Q’s question was simple, what do you plan to do with the money and how it will change their lives. That was perhaps the best answer Ben delivered during the Q/A. Charlie should have acknowledged that he was in law school. Kenzie’s answer was perhaps the biggest and boldest sharing her tale of utilizing that funding for her life and being financially secure. Those were truly great questions from the jury, some of the best I can think of in a very long time.

Time to vote, and I was surprised Soda gave that vote to Charlie, I feel like we might be getting a tie vote here, but nope, it was a close one, Kenzie earned five votes to Charlie’s three. Charlie got Soda, Hunter and Liz’s votes, while Kenzie got, Q, Tiffany, Tevin, Maria and Venus. Maria’s explanation was powerful that she saw Kenzie’s story resonated a lot more with her over Charlie. Charlie seemed disappointed as hell. Charlie was so honorable in the vote he made, but Maria and Charlie’s friendship I think is dunzo.

Interesting finale, and I am eager to see what the viewers are in for when it comes to “Survivor 47.” Hate to say this I’m more eager for “Survivor 50” which was announced a few weeks ago would be the first time since ‘Winners at War’ we will see returning players and I’m ready for that.