Suspect Uses Taxi Cab To Attack Officers


SAN FRANCISCO—The San Francisco Police Department have arrested a suspect who used a stolen taxicab to attack officers on March 15.  The incident occurred at around 4:30 a.m. after police received a call about a stolen taxicab, after 25 year-old Peter Russell jumped onto the roof of the vehicle.  The driver fled the vehicle in fear of his life.

Authorities were able to track the stolen vehicle thanks to the GPS system, where the suspect was located between Jackson and Spruce Street. “As the officers approached Russell, he made a u-turn and drove the stolen taxi cab directly at the officers and their patrol vehicles. As the officers leaped out of the path of the oncoming vehicle, one officer fired his service weapon at Russell. The stolen taxi cab struck one of the patrol vehicles as it fled the area,” states a press released from the SFPD website.

Police located the stolen vehicle near theFortMasonarea where Russell abandoned it. The suspect was later found by police and taken into custody without incident. Russell was booked at the San Francisco County Jail on the following charges: carjacking, assault with a deadly weapon against a police officer and driving while under the influence.

By LaDale Anderson