OAKLAND—Officials from the Oakland Police Department indicated that burglary suspects barricaded themselves at a local marijuana grow operation on Monday, January 6. The location is situated on the 2700 block of Adeline. The burglary was reported close to 4 a.m.


The Oakland Police Department say that a suspect was seen leaving the area with a large bag of marijuana. He was immediately taken into custody and a weapon was recovered at the time of the arrest. 

As the situation escalated, SWAT members were called in. Officials added that more suspects barricaded themselves within the grow operation. Over a loudspeaker, an officer’s voice was heard instructing the remaining suspects to walk out with hands up. 

SWAT members used a variety of tactics to lure the remaining suspects to surrender. Tactics included the use of a drone for aerial coverage and multiple police officers being posted on nearby rooftops. 

After 13 hours, authorities confirmed that there were no more occupants inside the building and that the scene was clear. Only one person was arrested with a weapon and burglary tools. The Oakland Police Department posted the following via Twitter:

“The search has concluded, no additional suspects located. However, the investigation continues.”