Tattle Tale


UNITED STATES—Last week I wrote a piece about the government having to manifest an agreement on preventing a fiscal disaster.  Well this week we’ve discovered that Republicans and Democrats still are at a stand still.  Knowing that so much is at stake and the everyday person is watching there every move, it appears Congress is so much closer to allowing the nation to undergo an economic nightmare.

Republicans are pointing fingers at the Democrats who have failed to cut spending, Democrats are pointing fingers at Republicans who are refusing to budge for increasing taxes on the super wealthy.  Americans are not concerned with how an agreement is reached we just want one.  Pointing fingers at this person, that person or that party will not help this unstoppable collision course that we are heading for.  December 31 is just a few weeks away, less than 5 weeks to be exact.

For Americans who are not aware, Congress will get their annual holiday break in a few weeks before the looming deadline, I’m sure that break will be halted if a deal is not figured out by then.  The biggest battle is Democrats want to increase taxes on all Americans earning more than $250,000 a year.  If the fiscal cliff is not averted, taxes can increase to about an additional $2,200 a year on the average family.  Pointing fingers as to who is at fault is not going to solve the problem.  It just simply makes Republicans and Democrats look like a bunch of six-year olds blaming one another.

Photo courtesy of There Finishing Touch.

Grow up, take accountability and develop a plan that benefits all involved.  You have to give a little in order to reach a common agreement. With what is being presented in the media it doesn’t make Republicans or Democrats look better than the other, it makes both parties look like tattle-tales; and no one likes a tattle-tale without good reason.

By LaDale Anderson