Do you remember seeing my smiling face before?  Well, my name is “Ajax”, and even though I’ve been passed over for others, I still keep that smile on my face.

I’m a very happy-go-lucky little boy and love everyone. I’m not a bit shy, and will jump on your lap and give you kisses the minute that I meet you.  Maybe that’s my problem.  Maybe I should play hard to get!

 I’m a young poodle mix, I weigh about fifteen pounds, love to take walks, and I’m well-mannered.  As I told you, I’m very affectionate, so I hope to belong to someone that will give a lot of affection right back to me!

 Everyone thought that I’d find a home right away, so it’s a mystery as to why I haven’t.  So, how about coming to see me, and who knows, you might be the one that solves that mystery by being the one that I’ve been waiting for. Then I’ll say that it was well worth the wait, and I’ll live happily ever after!

 Seeing that you are the one that will be the one for me, if you have any friends that want to adopt a doggy or kitty, have them check the website, which is:, where they will see all of my friends that are waiting for that special person, too.  So, won’t you please call to see us?

 FRIENDS OF ANIMALS  310-479-5089

By Vi Logan