Vi’s Corner: “Lacey”

Lacey Shih Tzu

BEVERLY HILLS—“Lacey” is my name, and I’m a little Shih Tzu. I found my way to the doorstep of a home that I knew had some doggies living there, so I knew that I wouldn’t be ignored, and I was right.  I was checked to see if I belonged to someone or if anyone was looking for me, and no one was, which everyone said was hard to believe.  So, now I’m hoping for that certain someone to come along that will love me forever and ever.

I’m about four years old, and I weigh about ten pounds, so I can fit very comfortably on your lap.  By the way, the Shih Tzu was the prized lap dog of Chinese emperors!  However, I don’t need an Emperor’s lap or a palace to live in.  Your lap and your home or apartment will suit me just fine!

I’ve heard people say that I’m very cute.  I’ve also heard that the Shih Tzu is known, among other things, as the “Xi Shi dog”, because Xi Shi was regarded as one of the most beautiful women in ancient China.

So you see, I have quite a background!  But I don’t want that to scare you away.  So, if you’ll come in to see me, you’ll find me to be a very down to earth, friendly, affectionate, and all around good little girl. Why don’t you come in and let me try out your lap?  I bet we’ll find that I’m a perfect fit!


By Vi Logan