Vi’s Corner: “James”



James Bassett Hound

BEVERLY HILLS—Hi, everyone!  My name is “James”, and I’m a very happy-go-lucky boy!  See that smile on my face and that sparkle in my eyes?

I’m about a year and a half and weigh about forty pounds – so, I’m what you’d call medium size.  People do a double take when I’m out for my walks, as I have a longish body that doesn’t seem to go with the rest of me!  I’m very striking looking, if I must say so myself! I’m sure that I must be part Dachshund.  I’m not really sure what the other part of me is.  But does it really matter?  I sure hope not!

I’m a very affectionate boy that loves people, gets along with other dogs, and would sure love to have a family to call my very own.

I hope that I’ve made you curious enough about my appearance so that you’ll come to see me.  You won’t be disappointed, I promise!  Just take me for a walk and you’ll see what a conversation starter I am. I have my leash ready for you, so I hope that you’ll hurry over!

Note:  Just want you to know that I’ll be taking a vacation, so, see you when I get back! Happy Holidays to all!!


By Vi Logan