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Taylor Swift Does It Again!

Taylor Swift.

HOLLYWOOD—Many people think that it’s easy becoming a recording artist. Think again. First of all, you have only made it to the top if you are constantly getting airplay, over and over again. People know your name all over the world. You are nominated for a Grammy, yes, than you have made it!

Other than that, you are a struggling artist trying hard to reach the top. Most people who are recording artists are just looking for the money, fame and the fortune. They want their fast cars, million dollar mansions and sold-out shows in stadiums filled with over 50,000 people. To me, that is making it. Yet, no one knows the daily struggles, many artists go through. The have worked hard for decades. The long road they traveled to end up where they are today.

I’m not trying to de-motivate anyone, the truth of the matter is you need that special someone to help you reach the top. You need that major label that handles the funding. Writing songs and performing here and there doesn’t cut it. Being on YouTube, Soundcloud and Spotify are just some resources available these days for struggling artists. Some artists that are struggling need to be more grateful and not so aggressive, which turns people off.

Taylor Swift has made it, in more ways than one. She’s tall, talented and has just signed a new record deal with Universal Music and it’s her first signing with a major label. Let’s face it, everything she’s released so far in her career has been on independent country label, Big Machine, who she signed with when she was just 14. She’s now 28, and finally Taylor will release her music across the world through Universal Music Group. You can’t top that! She announced her new deal with a photo of herself with Universal bosses Lucian Grange and Monte Lipman.

Her new deal means Taylor will own all of the music she records, which will mean she earns more money from sales and streams of her albums. She has persuaded Universal to agree to repay their artists with any money they make from streams on Spotify. Back in 2015, she helped persuade Apple Music to change how they pay artists.

“As part of my new contract with Universal Music Group, I asked that any sale of their Spotify shares result in a distribution of money to their artists,” she wrote on Instagram. “They have generously agreed to this, at what they believe will be much better terms than paid out previously by other major labels. I see this as a sign that we are headed towards positive change for creators – a goal I’m never going to stop trying to help achieve.”

So what does that deal mean for Taylor and other artists? Two months ago, Taylor was named the second most powerful woman in music, only behind Beyonce. Taylor, according to published reports was celebrated for being “unafraid to take on big brands and call out injustice” and once again, she seems to have put that at the heart of her negotiations with Universal. She’s had her differences with Spotify before, but this deal makes sure her own label pays its artists a better share of its streaming earnings.

Swift has taken the initiative as well, as looking out for her fellow musicians, this deal benefits massively too. While the exact figure of the deal hasn’t been disclosed, it’s likely to make her even wealthier than she already is. Not only is she a successful music artist, she’s an incredibly savvy businesswoman, as well. In a statement, Monte Lipman says Taylor has “redefined the paradigm of the modern music industry.” And Lucian Grange adds: “She can achieve anything.”

She doesn’t need anyone to promote her, she’s a household name. Taylor’s most recent album-her latest release on Big Machine was “Reputation,” which sold 4.5 million copies when it was released last year. That my friends, is making it!

One person that won’t be making it down the aisle is Paris Hilton. The news comes right before Thanksgiving. Hilton and her fiance Chris Zylka are calling it quits, 10 months after getting engaged. Multiple outlets are confirming news of their breakup, yet the couple has not yet commented on their split. You might recall that Zylka proposed to Hilton back in January during a romantic ski trip in Aspen, Colorado. He popped the question with a $2 million pear-shaped, 20 carat engagement ring. Paris was just seen wearing the ring on the red carpet last month. They met eight years ago, but only started dating two years ago.

Rose’s Scoop: This past weekend, 38-year-old mother-to-be, Jessica Simpson invited her Instagram followers into her kitchen as she prepared a Friendsgiving meal to benefit @nokidhungry. Wishing everyone a Happy, Safe, and Peaceful Thanksgiving!

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