UNITED STATES—So many of us would like to think that technology makes our lives easier, I unfortunately disagree with that assessment and believe that technology actually makes our lives more complicated. How so? You become overly dependent on it. Gosh, I remember the good ole days of writing things on pen and paper because you didn’t have a computer to rely on. Perhaps, I’m still old school because I do write in a journal, a notebook and with a pen and paper people and it triggers emotions and helps me remember things compared to just typing stuff.

One of the greatest technical inventions and the most frustrating is the internet. When it burst on the scene in the late 90s, it was something never seen before. As we ushered in a new century, it became potent. The days of NOT using the computer was long behind us and it ushered in a new generation who has become reliant on the computer. It makes you wonder, how many Americans would be able to adapt if technology no longer existed. What do I mean by that? I’m NOT talking about an outage of social media platforms for several hours or a day; I’m referring to a situation where there was no access to the internet for an entire week.

Yeah, it would place quite a few people in a pickle. You might say how so? Uh, we rely on the internet for everything. Checking emails, banking, the submission of electronic documents. Now imagine if you’re not able to bank because banks no rely on computers to look up the information for their customers. No internet, that means you cannot access your money. Utilizing a debit card, that won’t work people. Yeah, we’re NOT fully thinking about what could happen, because we have in our heads it will NEVER happen, but technology is funky people.

The world as we know would likely collapse if such a thing transpired, which tells us that we are too reliant on technology. Yes, it is supposed to make our lives easier, but if we’re so dependent on it, that is NOT a good thing. Why? We do not know how to adapt or react when things need to be completed. No computer, no access to the internet, there are still ways to get things done, but they may be slightly delayed. The same applies to the telephone. Do you remember having to pick up the phone and dial a number, how about utilizing the rotary phone that used to take a few seconds to dial a number?

Hell, ask most people what numbers they can memorize and I bet you plenty won’t be able to tell you a 10-digit telephone number off the top of their head. Why is that? We rely so heavily on the memory of our phones to store phone numbers for us. Someone recently brought up the fact that we should NOT leave all our funds in the bank because what happens if we cannot access that money.

I had not thought about that, but it resonated because you never know what might transpire. So it led me to start moving a bit of money out of my bank account and placing it into a safe in my home as an emergency fund if I NEED TO ACCESS a decent amount of money just in case something transpires I had never considered. Life is unpredictable and if we’re not planning for the unexpected, when the unexpected happens it could leave us in some dire straits people. That is NOT good to say the least.

TV, iPads, Bluetooth devices, they’re all expected to make our lives easier and to keep us entertained, but at the same time how will we operate if those things didn’t exist. At the same time, you have to remember we lived centuries without those things so it’s not like we have to have those things to live our lives on a day to day basis. Simply put you should not be so reliant on technology that if it ceases to exist you do not know how to operate without it. It was invented to make our lives easier not for us to be dependent on it to do everything.

Written By Jason Jones