HELLO AMERICA!─There are special reasons why you consider someone SPECIAL. Simply because they never give up, no matter how tough the road forward seems. For some, it is an excuse to accept the condition they are experiencing and lean on others for survival. They refuse to look in the mirror and genuinely see who, or what they have become, especially what is paramount for them to work on or reshape in order for job acceptance. Terrance Bell who has an impressive executive history in the entertainment business decided to really examine what made him happy and how he might take a position where he would give his life even more reason.

He is a veteran with a doctorate in behavioral psychology and a successful entrepreneur from Tennessee. He is definitely a vision of perseverance and determination. He grew up in his grandmother’s house because his mother was ill for most of his childhood and eventually passed away due to breast cancer. As the oldest of six, he had to take on some of the burdens of responsibility.

“The burden of responsibility was heavy, but I was able to pull through,” Dr. Bell shares. “When I hear the word ‘poor,’ I feel like I can identify with that life because we didn’t have much growing up. I wore hand-me-down clothes and occasionally missed some meals.”

Bell joined the Marines as a way to escape his situation. This introduced a new phase of his life, stimulating his growth. His Marine Corps experience forced him to make decisions fast, and move accordingly.

Following his time in the Marine Corps, he entered the corporate world for a while where he worked for different companies, ultimately earning a doctorate in behavioral psychology. Soon after, he started his own businesses.

“I started doing business as an entrepreneur after I left the corporate world,” Bell recounts. “After one executive post ended at one company, I took my golden parachute and started to make investments on my own behalf. I decided to become an entrepreneur because I wanted to control my own destiny, as well as support many people who have worked for me to realize their own destiny.”  As a result, he heads an entrepreneurial conglomerate that comprises motivational tools and products, consulting, big data intelligence, augmented reality (AR), and financial technology. He is also a coach for multiple enterprises and companies, as well as a public speaker.

“My vision motivated me to start doing business on my own. I saw things that other people couldn’t see. I saw opportunities in certain situations that I wanted to seize without the need of anyone else’s opinion or approval.” Bell emphasized. Along with vision, the mindset was also key in his entrepreneurial ventures. He believes that mindset is everything and that phrases such as “you gotta see it before you can achieve it” are true.

“Vision is not just what the eye can see, but also how far it can see,” Bell emphasized. “Your mindset also plays a critical role in how you cope with life’s challenges. People with a growth mindset show greater resilience and are more likely to persevere during setbacks.”