SAN FRANCISCO—On Thursday, August 27, the Thacher Gallery at the University of San Francisco (USF) will launch an opening celebration of “A Matter of Liberation: Artwork from Prison Renaissance,” which is a virtual exhibition teaming up with Prison Renaissance via Zoom from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The Thacher Gallery has been exhibiting “ A Matter of Liberation: Artwork from Prison Renaissance” on its online platform from Monday, August 17 to Friday, November 6. According to the USF website, the exhibition is curated by Antwan “Banks” Williams, and its main concept is ‘What does liberation mean to you?’ Artists use paintings, drawings, photography, collage, spoken, word, and dance to appeal for liberation unities to audiences.

Prison Renaissance has been working with universities to reveal incarcerated voices and change the publics’ stereotypical mindset against prisoners. The program’s mission connects general citizens and detained people through arts, media, and technology. The organization educates people about unfair criminal justice and supports cultural shift among incarcerated people.

The Prison Renaissance’s website states, “Instead of free allies ‘granting’ access to the incarcerated, we are a collaborative effort, learning how to navigate barriers of separation, dearth of technology, and bureaucracy together.”

The program offers a rehabilitative program for inmates and creates leadership opportunities for them to work responsibly.

The Thacher Gallery is located on the campus of USF in the Gleeson Library/Geschke Center and welcoming new submissions from artists and collectors based in California. To send a short proposal of one’s work email