UNITED STATES—The moment that you’re waiting for is finally a few days away. Are you ready to place your bet on the horse you’re rooting for? Are your strategies in place to increase your chance of winning and profiting from your 2023 Kentucky Derby bet?

Whether you’re well prepared or not yet, you should check out the official lineup with their post positions, changes in the odds, and what bettors and experts predict. With a few days away from the race, here is some info you can use.

The 2023 Kentucky Derby Lineup

The official list of the 2023 Kentucky Derby contenders has already been released, and the official contenders have already received their official post position for the race. And since the race is only a few days away, it’s vital that you know the Kentucky Derby 2023 horses lineup by now, along with their post position.

Therefore, we have listed the 2023 Kentucky Derby contenders below according to the post position they acquired last May 1.

  • 1: Hit Show
  • 2: Verifying
  • 3: Two Phil’s
  • 4: Confidence Game
  • 5: Tapit Trice
  • 6: Kingsbarns
  • 7: Reincarnate
  • 8: Mage
  • 9: Skinner
  • 10: Practical Move
  • 11: Disarm
  • 12: Jace’s Road
  • 13: Sun Thunder
  • 14: Angel of Empire
  • 15: Forte
  • 16: Raise Cain
  • 17: Derma Sotogake (JPN)
  • 18: Rocket Can
  • 19: Lord Miles
  • 20: Continuar (JPN)

Aside from the top 20 official contenders of this year’s Kentucky Derby, an additional three horses were also considered to run the race If there will be some defection on Friday, May 5 at 9 am.

These additional horses are:

  • Cyclone Mischief
  • Mandarin Hero (JPN)
  • King Russell

Did your horse make it to the official contender list? Is he positioned in a favorable post position, or did he draw the dreaded inside and outside post? Now that you know who will be running the Churchill Downs this May 6, let’s move on to the odds of each derby horse.

Odds of the Official 2023 Kentucky Derby Contenders

Throughout the Road to the Kentucky Derby season, odds for each Derby hopeful change constantly as they participate, win or lose and move forward to the Kentucky Derby race. Now that we are only days away from the race, the odds are becoming more accurate, which means that it’s a good time to revisit your strategy and decisions on which horse to bet.

Below arethe latest odds of the 20 contenders as well as the reserved contenders of the derby:

  • Forte – 3-1
  • Tapit Trice – 5-1
  • Angel of Empire – 8-1
  • Derma Sotogake – 10-1
  • Practical Move – 10-1
  • Kingsbarn – 12-1
  • Two Phil’s – 12-1
  • Mage – 15-1
  • Verifying – 15-1
  • Confidence Game – 20-1
  • Skinner – 20-1
  • Disarm – 30-1
  • Hit Show – 30-1
  • Lord Miles – 30-1
  • Rocket Can – 30-1
  • Continuar – 50-1
  • Jace’s Road – 50-1
  • Raise Can – 50-1
  • Sun Thunder – 50-1
  • Reincarnate – 50-1

As you can see, Forte remains the favorite to win the race, with Tapit Trice and Angel of Empire coming in second and third, respectively.

Prediction for The 2023 Kentucky Derby

Most bettors are still rooting for Forte to win the derby race this May 6. That said, he maintained his odds throughout the derby prep races up to today. The reason behind this is simple. Forte finished the Road to the Kentucky Derby as an undefeated hopeful.

He showed amazing performances in the derby prep races that he participated in. Thus, bettors are impressed with him, not to mention that Todd Pletcher, a multi-awarded horse trainer of this time, trains Forte.

However, you should also consider that Forte is against two strong horses: Tapit Trice and Angel Of Empire. Tapit Trice is Forte’s stablemate, while another Eclipse Award winner Brad Cox trains Angel of Empire.

These two other strong contenders were also given good odds, which means there are also a significant number of bettors who think these two will win over Forte. In fact, horse racing expert Jody Demling plans to hold a ticket with Practical Move, a double-digit underdog in this year’s race.

Demling is a successful horse race expert with an impressive record of nailing most of his predictions in the past with various horse racing events. Moreover, other amazing longshot contenders will run on the Churchill Downs this coming May 6.

You must consider that many things could happen in a horse racing event. There is no guarantee who will win as many factors could affect the performance of the horses as well as the outcome.


Even though we are only a few days away from the 2023 Kentucky Derby race, you can still make some changes to your picks and strategies to adjust to the new updates about the race, like the post positions. So, revisit your betting plan and make the necessary adjustments before it’s too late.