HOLLYWOOD—Buenos Aires, Argentina awaited eight eager bachelors this week on “The Bachelorette,” as did a series of dates: a group date, a one-on-one date, and for the first time ever – another two on one date.

The guys are waiting at the hotel when the first date card arrives. JoJo invites Wells on what would be their first one-on-one date ever and attached is a message: “Besamé, besamé muchacho,” which translates to “Kiss me, kiss me boy.” Wells opens up, telling the other guys, “I’ll be frank with you guys, I think I’m the one guy here who hasn’t kissed her.” All in all, it’s an open invitation from JoJo to Wells: kiss her!

JoJo brings Wells to “Fuerza Bruta,” a colorful, energetic, and interactive performance art event. The director invites them to experience the arts first-hand. Wells finally makes the move and kisses JoJo while sliding around in water, suspended 50 feet above the ground. However, the magic of the moment wasn’t strong enough to make things last.

After JoJo and Wells sat down for dinner and conversation, she ultimately decided, “there was something that didn’t feel 100 percent like I wanted it to.” She told Wells she wasn’t able to give him the rose and explained, “Today I had to face the reality that you are an incredible human being, but I don’t know if you are the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

The next date is a group date and JoJo invites James T., Alex, Jordan, Robby, and Luke to explore the sights and sounds of La Bocca. Afterwards, per usual, each of the guys from the group date gets some one-on-one time with JoJo: James T. tells JoJo to beware of Jordan because he’s “entitled” and she deserves to know; JoJo confronts Jordan and he denies the accusations; Jordan confronts James T. and controversy erupts; and while all that drama unfolds, Luke steals the show with his suave dialect and is resultantly given the group date rose.

And last, the dreaded two-one-one date – JoJo invites Chase and Derek to join her in a day of tangoing and the two men face off for the rose. In a final effort to make a decision, JoJo talks one-on-one with both anxious bachelors; Derek tells JoJo he’s falling for her, and she thanks him for opening up. He walks away confident in their connection and confident in his chances of receiving the rose. JoJo tells Chase she didn’t feel reciprocation on their last date and he adamantly tries to reassure her of his feelings; she seems comforted by his assurances, but Chase walks away from their conversation discouraged.

Much to both of the men’s surprise, JoJo gives Chase the two-on-one date rose. Derek leaves in tears and Chase gets the rose, a romantic dance with JoJo, and serenaded by famous South African singer Soledad Pastorutti.

As the competition stiffens, JoJo tries to follow her heart amidst the boy drama and emotional mayhem. She enjoys her time with the remaining men at the cocktail party, but the tone changes upon the rose ceremony, when JoJo faces that she’ll be sending one of the six guys that she’s grown so fond of home.

But the rose ceremony had a surprise ending: one rose remains, but both Alex and James T. are standing in front of JoJo, roseless; she leaves the room, frantic, and tells Chris Harrison, “I don’t want to give out this rose.” He gives her another rose to hand out and she asks both James T. and Alex to stay.

A happy ending for the remaining six bachelors this week (James T., Alex, Chase, Jordan, Luke, Robby), but someone still has to be eliminated when “The Bachelorette” returns on Monday, July 11 at 8 p.m.

“The Bachelorette” Recap: ‘Buenos Aires’ was originally published on San Francisco News