HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “The Bachelorette” closed upon means for celebration. The remaining 13 contestants popped bottles of champagne and rejoiced at the news of Chad’s elimination.

However, with a common enemy (Chad) eliminated, the guys are obliged to redirect their anger, and because of this, tensions ramp up between the guys who already have roses and those who don’t. The evening’s rose ceremony transpires, leaving Daniel and James F. eliminated.

To the 11 remaining contestant’s surprise, it would also be their last night in Nemacolin, Pennsylvania – but for a different reason.

This week’s episode, ‘Uruguay,’ trails the competition through its fourth week and presents the guys with new-found obstacles for JoJo’s love, while taking the show international – on to Uruguay!

The gang embarks towards South America and situate themselves at The Grand Hotel, a luxurious Uruguayan beach-front hotel, located in Punta Del Este, where “everything here is just really incredible,” according to JoJo.

Per usual, the competition picks up immediately. The guys acquaint themselves with their suite and stumble across the first date card of the week, which invites Jordan to join JoJo on a luxury yacht – the first international one-on-one date.

Jordan and JoJo venture towards the Isla de Lobos, where they dive into the Uruguayan waters and swim amongst hundreds of delightful seals. Afterwards, they share a candlelight dinner and JoJo calls on a ghost from Jordan’s past – his ex-girlfriend.

JoJo met her in Dallas, Texas, and told her he was not the best boyfriend. Jordan ultimately owns his mistakes from that relationship and sums it up as follows: “Unfortunately it has a lot to do with sports.  I was focused on one thing in my life – being the best football player I could be, and when I wasn’t, it was tough, and I took it out on people. So she was along for the rollercoaster of when I was at my best and when I was at my worst.”

At the hotel, drama unravels when Alex, Vinny, Derek, and Wells come across a tabloid that brings JoJo’s character into question – an article from the magazine “In Touch Weekly,” featured an interview with JoJo’s ex, Chad Rookstool (the same ex that left left roses and a love note on her doorstep during the hometown dates on last season’s “The Bachelor”), that did not reflect well on the bachelorette.

The article, titled, “’The Bachelor’ Alum JoJo Fletcher’s Ex Tells All: Sneaking Around While ‘The Bachelor’ Was Airing, Getting Dumped Again For ‘The Bachelorette’ (Exclusive),” alleges that JoJo went running back to her ex, Rookstool, when she was dumped last season by “The Bachelor’s” Ben Higgins in the show’s finale. She was later dumped again when JoJo was cast as the new bachelorette. The guys begin to speculate questioning JoJo’s intentions and ultimately, their reasons for being there.

JoJo returns from what she describes as, “one of the best dates of my life” – her butterflies quickly dissipated, however, when she was presented with the tabloid that slandered her name and sparked the ensuing chaos among the contestants. Amid heartache and tears JoJo says, “To be dragged back to that, that’s such a terrible time in my life.” JoJo meets with the guys and is able to dispel the accusations, while emphasizing her true intent for being on the show: to find love.

The next day, Luke, Derek, Chase, Evan, James, Vinny, Grant, Wells, and Alex head towards the Coast of Uruguay to meet JoJo at the Valizas Sand Dunes for the first international group date. JoJo introduces the activity: sand surfing, but it’s cut short by torrential downpours. JoJo and the nine bachelors conclude their evening with a cocktail hour, which grants each of them some one-on-one time with her. JoJo presents Derek with the group-date rose at the end of the night’s events, describing him as “somebody I want to give some reassurance to.” The guys are unconvinced – they think it’s a “pity” rose.

The final date of the episode is JoJo’s one-on-one with Robby. The two explore the city of Punta Del Este and immerse themselves in the culture; they add an adventurous twist to the day when they dive off a steep cliff and into Uruguayan waters. Robby and JoJo sit down for dinner and he admits he’s fallen in love with her – the first time this season someone has used the “L” word.

Just moments before the rose ceremony Derek asks Alex, Robby, Chase, and Jordan to join him outside. He tells the four guys they’re acting “cliquey,” and that some of the guys feel excluded; they respond by calling him “petty,” and advising he focus on JoJo.

Chris Harrison arrives and announces there will be no cocktail hour before the rose ceremony that evening, so no extra time with JoJo, and tensions heighten.

The rose ceremony left 11 guys remaining: Alex, Chase, Derek, James T., Jordan, Luke, Robby, and Wells. THe three suitors eliminated  were Evan, Grant, and Vinny. Evan walked out in tears, mentioning it felt like “daggers through my heart.” Vinny cried, noting: “I’m hurt.”

“The Bachelorette” will air on  June 27 and the gang will embark towards Buenos Aires, Argentina, for some new scenery and more drama.

“The Bachelorette” Recap: ‘Uruguay’ was originally published on San Francisco News