UNITED STATES—When it comes to athletic underwear for men, pouch technology is a game changer.  

Leading this change is Underwear for Men (UFM), integrating their patented pouch technology into a number of underwear designs which they both manufacture and sell online.

Pouch technology is designed to eliminate skin on skin contact between your manhood and thighs, thus eliminating problems like chafing, sticking and sitting in sweat.  Through UFM’s exclusive adjustable support pouch system, you’re able to fully isolate your supported manhood, allowing sweat to simply be wicked away as you move.

Let’s go over the three main styles of UFM adjustable mens underwear, featuring the brand’s patented pouch technology.

  • Boxers

First up we have UFM’s boxer short options, which are broken down into two key styles.

  • Long Boxers

UFM’s 9 inch “long” boxers come down to sit just above your knee and are geared toward serious athletes rather than casual day to day wear.  The extra length offers increased thigh protection for bigger men who find regular boxers or trunks, tend to ride up their thighs.

Featuring a tapered leg opening, they prevent ride up by locking in just below the quadricep.

  • Short Boxers

UFM’s 6 inch “standard” boxers sit a little higher up your leg and are more geared toward regular daily activities.

The 6 inch length offers a perfect balance for those that prefer the added leg protection that boxers offer, but don’t want to commit to the nearly knee length long option.  Each includes UFM’s patented pouch technology, featuring a drawstring pouch made from soft, moisture-wicking mesh fabric.

The choice of length is entirely up to you and your personal preferences and style.  

  • Briefs

Secondly, we move onto UFM briefs. 

Briefs are your classic V-shaped underwear, that you might affectionately know as tighty whities.  No doubt you still have a number of sagging, old pairs of briefs like this stuffed into your draw.

Well it’s time to bin them and update your underwear today!

UFM briefs featuring their patented pouch technology have changed the game.  The adjustable pouch not only isolates, but also supports your manhood to prevent all skin on skin contact.

The one drawback of briefs is more likely experienced by bigger men, thanks to their lack of leg.  While your manhood remains supported in briefs, you can have trouble with chafe on your thighs due to the lack of leg.

  • Trunks

This is where our third and final UFM design style comes in – Trunks.

Trunks feature a smaller, 3-inch leg (half the size of the short boxer model), giving your inner thighs some level of protection, while not intruding too far down.  They’re the perfect compromise and the 2020 best selling men’s underwear design.

Featuring a drawstring pouch made from soft, moisture-wicking mesh fabric, UFM trunks ALSO include the brand’s exciting patented pouch technology.

If pouch technology is something that piqued your interest, simply choose the style of underwear that works best for you and head on over to UFM today.