HOLLYWOOD—There is only one word that can be used to describe the utter craziness that occurred on the CBS soap “The Bold and the Beautiful” last week: SHOCK! I mean for those who hadn’t been keeping up on the show, a character met an untimely demise, and it happened in such a fashion that the viewers wouldn’t have seen it coming a million miles away. That is a testament to a fine craft of writing. When you surprise the viewers, then you’re doing a damn good job.

For weeks, audiences were aware that Aly Forrester was slowly, but surely entering a realm where she would become dangerous to those surrounding her. If you want my honest opinion, Liam and Wyatt were catalysts in Aly edging closer to the brink of insanity.

First, the relationship she idolized between Hope and Liam fractures, then Wyatt corrupts Hope, and then Liam moves onto Ivy, before he backstabs her to be back with Steffy. Yes, I know I’m not the only person beyond frustrated with Liam Spencer. This guy can’t seem to choose a woman he loves if his life depended on it. Without a doubt, Hope will always be his number 1; she’s just not on the canvas at the present moment.

Apologies for the digression, Ivy stumbled across a shocking discovery in Aly’s closet where she saw carved out photos of both Steffy and Maya. This worried Ivy to the degree that her BFF was spiraling out of control and she needed to do something quick to prevent it from happening. I will admit the series could pump the break on the Maya storyline. It was exciting, but there are plenty of more players on the series who are NOT getting ample screen time in my opinion.

Steffy found herself stranded on Pacific Coast Highway with a flat tire, and before you know it she saw headlights speeding in her direction. Yes, this was an intense moment because for a second I thought Steffy might actually get hit by Aly’s car.

What irony to see Aly, attempt to recreate that scene between Taylor and Darla that resulted in her mother’s death. With any plan, things didn’t work out. Steffy and Aly got into a physical altercation involving a tire iron. As the battle ensued, Ivy arrived, but it was too late. Steffy had whacked her cousin with the tire iron resulting in her falling on a rock and killing her.

What makes things worse? Ivy captured the entire incident on her phone. So from her perspective she assumes Steffy killed Aly, but it was indeed self-defense. Well, Steffy might have a difficult time proving this. When she broke the news to Thorne (so happy to see a character who has been MIA for a while return), he literally lost it. He already lost Darla, now he has lost his only child. Imagine the level of hate he might spew to Steffy, Ridge and the rest of the Forrester clan? This should be a juicy storyline for one of the forgotten Forrester brothers, as well as Steffy who will have to grapple with the fact that she murdered someone, a family member of all people.

It’s now obvious that Ivy and Wyatt will bond from this tragedy (they belong together in my opinion) and Steffy and Liam will be further bonded in the midst of tragedy. The question that everyone will want to know is exactly how Aly’s death will affect Forrester Creations and the members of the family. I think Thorne is going to be out for blood, so expect to see some fireworks between Ridge, Thorne, Steffy and Rick in the coming weeks.

I hate to say it, but sometimes taking out a major player on a soap is the ammunition the series needs to deliver storylines and tidbits that keep the audience hooked. “The Bold and the Beautiful” airs weekdays on CBS at 1:30 p.m.