HOLLYWOOD—We’re almost nearing the end of season five of “The Chi” and we are indeed reaching a point where one cannot help, but wonder: where is the drama or conflict this season? It feels like this entire season has been a mixed bag. There has NOT been a core issue prevalent throughout the entire season. Well it only took episode seven for some actual chaos to finally erupt with ‘Angels.’

Talk about an awkward moment, Tiffany walked in on Emmett and Kiesha having sex and if you could cut the tension in the air people it would bounce back and slap you in the face. Jake finally informed Trig or as he is better known, Victor that he’s about to be an uncle. Jake realized that his mother has left him yet again. Jake worked to repair his relationship with Lynae, who is indeed jealous of Simone. Lynae, Kevin and Simone visited that underground video club where big money was at stake.

Shaad was worried about impressing his new flames stepmother. It looks like she was training him for a big interview; one that would make or break their relationship. He was taken aback that she didn’t want to mention his time in prison. I would agree you want to keep things light on the first meeting, but Deja seems very worried about impressing her family.

Kiesha and Emmett got some bad news from EJ’s teacher, who alerted them that their son has a learning disability. I mean these two arguing in front of the teacher, was NOT a good look at all. As a teacher, I would be super concerned about these two parents. The teacher said it best: Kiesha and Emmett have to work together for the sake of their son.

While they were struggling, Kiesha was also having issues trying to focus on school with loud music and Ronnie proving to be more stress for her than she could handle. Kiesha is reaching her breaking point America. Maisha and Jemma continued to build their relationship, as advice was given to help Maisha and her burgeoning rap career. Victor delivered some tough love to Jake about his life about to change in a dramatic way. Even Simone realized that Lynae was the reason that Kevin is so good at gaming and he saw a victory.

Victor and his ‘beard’ discussed how to navigate running a campaign with brother who is about to become a daddy. That notion of getting pregnant for the campaign raised a flag people, but at the same time I started to wonder if Victor was willing to claim Jemma and Jake’s child as his own people (not likely with the end results of the episode). Kevin and Lynae had a bit of friction, but Simone soothed things over, asking Kevin to give Lynae at least 20 percent. Looks like enemies are about to become besties.

Yeah, I can see why Deja was so nervous her family comes from wealth people, and Shaad was intimidated to say the least. Looks like Shaad has things handled, just as Kiesha and Tiffany realigned their schedules to work with their son. Emmett shared his life goals which caught Tiffany off guard. Whoa could we see this two rekindle their relationship? Shaad found himself being grilled to the fifth degree by Deja’s family and inadvertently blurted out his prison background and the truth came out. It was a moment to witness the truth to come out and not seeing anything hidden in the closet.

Papa did his best to keep Bakari on the right track, as he attended Maisha’s performance. Lynae caught the eye of Bakari who flirted and didn’t miss a beat people. Jake stopped by to see his new flame, but discovered that she was busy entertaining someone else and it caught him off guard. So it looks like this potential relationship is already over before it started people. Bakari was stewing people and trouble was about to erupt as he got into a fist fight that led to gunfire. Jemma was knocked down in the process and lost the baby as a result.

Kiesha spilled to Emmett that she needs a place to focus on school and be able to care for Ronnie. Emmett liked the idea. Jake was livid and Maisha alerted Papa about Bakari starting a fight that led to gunfire. Yeah, Jake was heated and this makes me worry about what he will do to exact his revenge. Shaad shared his good news with Trig about meeting the parents, too bad Victor was not in a loving place. Everything changed when Trig and Shaad learned from Jake that Jemma lost the baby.

Jake got into a vicious fight with Bakari and the battle was interrupted by Trig and Shaad and it looks like Jake won the battle as Bakarai was sent packing. Sucks, but at the same time, it makes one wonder what this will lead Bakari to do. We got the answer; he stopped by Papa’s place to crash. Let’s just hope, this does not get Papa in any trouble America.