HOLLYWOOD—The season premiere episode for the fifth season of “The Chi” was ok, however, this week’s episode, ‘Oh Girl’ gave the audience a clear indication of where things are headed. Quentin and his protégé, Douda made it clear to Tracy that she will abide by their rules and desires if she wants to keep her current goal of helping curb the violence in Chicago. This includes everyone that she currently employs including Trig and Shine. Speaking of Shine he was smitten Deja who dropped off some supplies at the community house. He refused to give up that easy and it ultimately led to a date, one where he charmed Deja with food and conversation.

Over with Jake and Trig, they received the shock of their life when their mother, Peaches returned to the picture. Jake was not happy to see his mother, but Trig really was annoyed to see his mother as he wanted to ensure her return didn’t impact the progress he and his brother have made regarding their lives. Peaches noted that all is well and that she is clean, but something is telling me that Peaches is about to erupt Trig and Jake’s world in the worst possible way.

Papa realized that speaking the truth is not always a good thing when you get cancelled people. Kevin became smitten by a girl in his classroom that he once danced with in the past. It totally seems like the writers have placed developing Kevin’s character on the backburner if I am being honest. Tracy was easily charmed by Douda as if he hadn’t screwed her not too long ago people. I really did not miss the character of Tracy in season three, and if I’m being honest she can go. Emmett and Tiffany are still dealing with the trials and tribulations of their marriage.

These two just ain’t gone work. They love each other, but being committed to on another is a completely different thing. Emmett needs to focus on raising his three sons, while Tiffany decides if she wants to be single or in a committed relationship people. Jada obviously has feelings for Darnell, but Shay is in her pool pit and quite loyal. Well, at least she shared with Shay what transpired so that no secrets linger between them.

The core issue to discuss this episode is Trig seeing the return of Douda, just as Marcus encouraged the guy who helped save his life to run for City Council to make a change. Trig is a felon and that means he has to have a clean record to run for political office and that will be no easy feat people. Trig was NOT pleased to learn from Tracy that Douda holds the purse strings at the community center and that Tracy and Douda want to use him as a pawn to run for Chicago City Council.

Trig is quite conflicted right now, and the fact that he has so many people depending on him places more pressure on him. As for Imani, I think the viewers have seen the last of the character people, and with this new beard being used by Douda and Tracy to present the perfect image for Trig who knows what will happen next. New episodes of “The Chi” air Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.