HOLLYWOOD—If Emmett was not panicked before, he certainly is now on “The Chi.” This week’s episode, ‘ReUp’ saw more characters finding themselves entangled in Douda’s web. I swear this series is becoming more and more like a sex show with each episode, and it is usually at the beginning of each episode. Douda’s latest escapade with Bianca was interrupted by his wife Roselyn of all people. They all seem chummy so, I guess that is a good thing?

Victor and Shaad realized that Emmett was spiraling; it was a direct result of him trying to locate that gun that disappeared from his drawer. If only he knew his father Darnell took the gun, he’d not panic as much. Roselyn learned that Q was working as an informant for the FBI and it seems the walls could be closing in on Douda as the feds may start looking at him. Tiffany and Rob were busy expanding their business as they bid their time to get all there affairs in order. Shaad received a visit from Douda and he was quite tempted with the money that was thrown in his direction, but something is starting to concern me, more people are at risk. Shaad what are you thinking, you literally just got out of prison! Nuck received the backlash from Douda after he found a ton of illegal weapons in their possession. The rope is about to tighten around Bakari and those close to him.

Dre ran into a face from the past, Monica, and this could spell trouble in paradise? Feels like it. Jema realized that her father was not messing around with her figuring out a career path. If her music career doesn’t explode, he’s sending her to college to get an education. Fatima played catch with her pals, where questions about her relationship came front and center. Emmett and Keisha are still butting heads even though all ‘seems’ to be going well for them.

Jemma was looking to continue to build up Maisha’s name as a rapper, but not many people were ready to bite on the artist and the two ladies got into argument as a result. Papa and Kenya shared a kiss. Roselyn came to pay Victor a visit and made threats about Q’s murder and noted him being an accomplice, and it places Victor in a very tight spot. Rob and Tiff were getting schooled by their mentor on the proper way to develop their product to make it unique and unlike any other.

Douda is still trying to threaten Jackson, Papa’s father to do his bidding, but the pastor is not in the least bit interested. Darnell had a stern talking with Emmett about being intertwined with Douda and guns. Emmett you are indeed grown, but you’re still a boy who is learning what it means to be a man. Victor had a male meeting that was like a therapy session without the actual therapist.

Victor realized the life of a politician is not what he expected, and Marcus echoed on the dangers of that. He alluded to the tension between Tierra and his daughter, Jemma, little does Shaad and Victor know this is the same lady they were messing around with. Emmett gave a bit of truth about his struggle in his current life as a result of not being able to see what Darnell failed to do.

Shaad shared his truth about his struggle with trying to find employment, lusting after a woman he shouldn’t be (uh-oh). Jamal shared his struggle with trying to improve his bond with Lynae. It was nice to see this therapy session. It was a bit of vulnerability for MEN, something not seen often on TV let alone in life.

Tiff and Keisha chatted about their predicaments, and when Douda was mentioned Tiffany immediately shut that down ASAP. Deja and Shaad had dinner with Jada and Darnell, and the uninvited guest of Marcus and his lady, left Shaad a bit stunned to say the least, Tierra is messy people. It definitely let me see that Deja was not the biggest fan of Tierra. Some laughs absolutely lightened the mood, but if the truth about Shaad and Tierra comes out, trouble will explode.

Shaad is giving into temptation as he decided to follow-up on Douda’s opportunity to house some illegal weapons. However, he was immediately against the offer realizing it could land him right back in prison. Bakari decided to make a move, one that is going to end badly. Tiff and Rob went to Victor asking for a business permit, but they realized just because you know someone in power doesn’t mean you can get what you want.

Rob had a chat with Victor about his Uncle Q and it feels like Q might suspect Victor knows something. I love Jake was honest and stood up for Fatima when a kid talked a bit reckless. Emmett is now holding funds for Douda? Yeah, this spells all sorts of trouble people. Douda and Nuck were planning am ambush on Jackson just as he preached. What was intriguing? Papa, Bakari, Keisha, Emmett and Tracy were all in attendance for that sermon. The writers cannot be planning a whodunit, they already did that with season four, but if anything it looks like Douda’s last stand this season, the question is who will take him out. Until next week “The Chi” fans!