HOLLYWOOD─I had no plans to do a recap of the latest episode of the Showtime drama “The Chi,” but things were so riveting. Just typing this has me eager for the next episode America. The episode, ‘Terror Town’ was a turning point for so many reasons America. SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched the episode, stop reading now.

First, audiences got confirmation that Keisha is NOT DEAD! Yes, let me repeat Keisha is NOT DEAD! She is being held in the basement of some creep who has been watching her every move. You know a series has terrific writing when such content unnerves you to watch and worries you as a viewer. It’s unfortunate to say this, but things like this do indeed happen in our country and it sheds a spotlight on the fact that we should do more to protect our children and be aware of shady people out in the world.

Ronnie had a spiritual rebirth as he cleaned himself up and continued to focus on turning a new leaf in his life. We all know Ronnie will be the catalyst that ensures the rescue of Keisha, at least that is what my gut is telling me and based on the hints we’re seeing in the episodes and from the writers. While all looked great in the Chi, it was not as a blackout caused utter chaos.

Douda was constantly working on his campaign, wondering how his opponent was taking voters away from him that he was hoping to nab. His wife had some ideas which included utilizing Jake more in the campaign mission, and it continues to prove that Douda is a man not to be crossed because he is ruthless. We’ll get to later what he did that left Jake fearing for his life. Back to the blackout, it allowed the three amigos Jake, Kevin and Papa to continue to reexamine their relationship, as Kevin and Papa now have girlfriends, much to Jake’s chagrin.

Adding to the melee was Emmett and Dominque doing their best to keep their business growing in the middle of a blackout. Emmett had been juggling a bit and it caught up to him this episode. How so? His boss discovered what he was doing behind his back. He hoped Emmett would come to him face-to-face to spill the tea. However, Emmett is still a boy who refuses to man up and it blew up in his face in epic fashion. Trig and Imani were not happy to receive a visit from Child Protective Services wanting to scope their living arrangements to ensure it was suitable for Jake to live with them. Trig was not able to keep his anger issues in check, but before the episode culminated a bond was developed with Jake that changes all.

Jake was getting closer to Douda, and while he ‘knows’ what his supposed father figure does behind the scenes, he never witnessed it first-hand. What he saw scared him to the core, causing Jake to run to Trig seeking shelter. I can see where this is going: it will be a fight between Trig and Douda to keep Jake I their orbit. Trig for all the right reasons, Douda for political aspirations people.

The big thrill of the episode was Keisha getting an opportunity to escape courtesy of the blackout with those cameras that were watching her faltering. She panicked unable to get out, but found a way to burst the door open and get a taste of freedom in the midst of despair, fear and rage. The problem? Instead of continuing to run Keisha paused, allowing her captor to recapture her. I was literally on the edge of my seat, especially after Ronnie heard her cries, but it is blackout people, so it’s not like he could see anything.

I have never been hooked on a new series the way I am with “The Chi.” I cannot wait to watch next week’s episodes and the rest of the episodes of the season to play out. The writing on this series is so sharp, poignant and just gut punches to the chest it’s hard to explain in words. “The Chi” airs at 9 p.m. on Showtime.