HOLLYWOOD—Look America, I’m just going to say it: I did not love season four of the Showtime series “The Chi.” It started off strong, but fizzled quite a bit in the final episodes of the season if I’m being honest. The fifth season kicked off on Sunday, June 26 with the premiere episode, ‘Overnight Celebrity.’ There seems to be some major changes people. For starters, Kiesha and Emmett are back together, well at least the audience was made to believe that. It turns out Emmett was dreaming and Tiffany caught him ‘red-handed’ people. Could this be the sign of a new romance for the upcoming season?

Papa, Kevin, Jemma, Jake and there new pal are all chummy or so it appeared people. Violence seems to be a major issue in the city of Chicago as Trig, Shine and Tracy are hoping to change the mentality of young Black men and violence in the region. Wow, it was apparent that the two guys just fighting, one was responsible for murdering Ronnie last season. Tracy was apprehensive about allowing Ronnie’s murderer to become part of her community.

Tiffany moved in with her mother, who was apprehensive about her daughter moving into her home. I love Tiffany’s mother, who speaks the truth and is NOT afraid to bite her tongue people. Kiesha was ready to start a new chapter in her life by moving out of her mother’s house and getting ready to begin her college career. Emmett was struggling with his marriage and asked his father for advice on how to win his wife back, but Darnell was not much help.

Not seeing Imani at the breakfast table with Trig, Shine and Jake made me wonder with Trig and Imani were kaput, but not so. A major moment is about to happen with a proposal America. A drunken Emmett made an impromptu visit to Tiffany’s mother’s house and puked in the process. Tiffany dropped a bomb noting she might want a divorce. Jada was not ready to move in with her lover.

Jake discovered that playing basketball on a school level is NOT the same as playing on the street. Oh it was hilarious watching Jake let Jemma know he was not interested in her cake, the same with Emmett being caught singing his emotions with Trig watching in the background and then offering a hug. I did not expect this episode to deliver so much laughter people.

Trig had his vehicle broken into and placed a beating on a youngster, as he saw his dark side emerge, just as he was caught on tape. A leopard never changes its spots people. Kiesha was battling rather to continue her relationship with Christian. Shine called out Trig on becoming an overnight celebrity on social media for that beat down. Jemma was wondering if Jake is the guy for her or if she made a mistake by letting Kevin go. Papa tried to roast Jake and did it on the public front and it was NOT impressive and he found himself the laughing stock people.

Shine and Trig did their best to school a youngster who is relying on the streets which prompted Trig to reveal he knows he was the one who killed Ronnie; looks like leverage is being used to change a path of destruction. Darnell fixed Jaida’s showerhead, as the former lovers shared a steamy kiss. So Jaida is cheating on her lover and so is Darnell? Kevin had a flashback where he fired a gun at Ronnie. Hmm, I’m wondering if the series is attempting to shed some light on the impact of video games and violence  in the real world? Tiffany is just bouncing around people, as she left her mother’s house to shack up with her secret lover.

Trig’s big proposal was not the moment he expected as Imani saw that video and it put a hamper on things. Trig was heartbroken by the moment, and I’m wondering if the audience has seen the last of Imani people. Well this is a welcome change of events, as Tracy opened her door to see not only Douda, but also Quentin. Douda’s return is not that surprising. Quentin’s return, now that is a game changer. New episodes of “The Chi” air Sundays at 9 p.m. on Showtime.