UNITED STATES—For many Americans, we have finally been able to take a deep breathe. Why? Christmas is over, rejoice, but at the same time, I know I’m not the only person with a slew of gifts that I don’t quite want or need and the journey to trek to the mall or retailers is about to begin for the next week or so America. Look, I don’t see anything wrong with returning something you don’t want. Be grateful that you received the gift, because there are people out there who just don’t care about hurting one’s feelings.

As a result, you start to alienate people who had you on their Christmas buying list each year, but it’s better to be honest than to say you loved something that is sitting in a closet or drawer and has been for years. Here is the thing, gift receipts make things easier people. Most people ensure that gift receipt is in the box or with the item that was given to you. That way if the item given was too small, too big, doesn’t fit the way you want it to fit, you have the opportunity to exchange it or get something else that you desire.

I cannot tell you how much I see people head to retailers without a receipt and think they’ll just be able to return that item and get what they want. Um, it does not work that way people, but trust me I’ve seen plenty and I mean plenty of people attempt to do this quite often and it’s annoying. You know what is worse; when people bring items to a retailer that they KNOW they did not purchase the item from hoping to get a return. Like what the hell are you thinking trying to pull one over on the retailer?

You cannot get cash back on an item that you did NOT pay cash for people. You’re likely getting a gift card to that retailer or the opportunity to exchange the item you’re returning for something else. Bring the receipt. Most retailers will NOT accept returns without a receipt nowadays and it just makes the return process that much quicker and easier as a result.

Try to keep your receipts organized by retailer if possible. Look, I know that sounds like a lot of work, but with Christmas we sometimes overindulge in our buying habits and as a result there are things we bought that we shouldn’t have purchased and they need to go back. Nothing is more frustrating than attempting to locate receipts that you know you have, but you have no idea where you stashed the receipt.

Also you need to know the store’s return policy. You may have a limited window and certain items have to be returned a lot sooner than others. You cannot return an item a year after it was purchase people, I cannot think of many retailers that allow that.

Bring the patience. If you’re making a return you’re going to be waiting in line and with the Coronavirus pandemic still in full effect, you’re going to be waiting even longer. Nothing is more frustrating than people just complaining while in line. Shut up, be quiet and just patiently wait your turn. This is the time of year, where you have to wait if you are making returns it is just that simple.

Relax, breathe and know if you have your item you want to return and the receipt, all will go well people, it just may take a lot more time in 2021 than in the previous year people.

Written By Zoe Mitchell