The Dog Lady Of Mexico To The Rescue


UNITED STATES—It was a scuffle and a whimper that led Alison Sawyer Current to the pile of logs in an old abandoned lot. She loved exploring Isla Mujeres, Mexico, but the sleepy, little fishing island off the coast of Cancun had an animal problem.

“Earlier in the day I had rescued some puppies that had been abandoned by their mother,” Alison recalls. “Something told me I had to go back.”

Laying on the ground she reached into the dark jumble of logs and wiggled her fingers. A warm nose and soft fur slid into her hand. As she pulled the tiny puppy out of its log cave and into the warm sunshine, it blinked and snuggled into her chest. It was Alison’s first rescue and the moment was profound because she eventually moved to the island with her husband and discovered her life’s purpose and passion.

The situation was deplorable.

“They would routinely round the desperate and hungry animals up for extermination by electrocution,” Alison says. “It was unbearable. I had to do something.”

Today, the animal population on Isla Mujeres is predominately under control. Working with the help of like-minded, dedicated volunteers, she has saved over 10,000 dogs and spayed and neutered over 20,000.

Sawyer Current’s work has cost her dearly both financially and emotionally, but she refuses to give up. “It’s been hard and heartbreaking work, but I feel I’ve made a huge difference and I don’t regret a thing.”

Alison’s book, “The Dog Lady of Mexico” chronicling her adventures has just been released and is available on

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Written By Teresa Kruze

The Dog Lady Of Mexico To The Rescue was originally published on San Francisco News