“The Flash,” Riveting End To First Season

"The Flash" ended its first season on a high note.

HOLLYWOOD—I’m not a comic book geek, but I’m an avid fan of superhero movies and their TV counterparts. “The Flash” has been a major hit on The CW this year, and the series which follows the life of speedster Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) came to a riveting end for its first season this week.

The episode ‘Fast Enough’ saw Barry confronting Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanaugh) about why he murdered his mother. His plan was to murder Barry as a child, but future Flash did battle with Reverse Flash, saving young Barry, which prompted our villain to murder Barry’s mother. He offered Barry the chance to go back into the past and save his mother, if he opened a wormhole to allow him to escape.

The episode was riddled with emotional overtones, Barry grappling with his future being completely altered if he goes back into the past. No Iris, no Joe, no Cisco, lots of things could be changed, raising the question of what one would do if given that opportunity. Barry faced opposition from his father who didn’t want him to take the risk. It was a treat to see Caitlin happy for a change, the reunion between her and Ronnie was bittersweet, not to mention that they’re expecting to jump the broom.

Iris and Barry shared a conversation about their past, present and future, where she told her friend to think for himself, not everyone else. Barry took Wells on his offer, but at a cost; if not fast enough, he dies. Cisco decided to ask the question that has been haunting him; why Wells murdered him. Cisco learned that he was also impacted by the particle explosion, his ability to see distinct time intervals. Wells continued to use his charm to keep his foes close by his side. It seems speed was the critical element of the episode; Barry had to worry about saving his mother, while also ensuring a black hole didn’t destroy the world.

Eddie decided to fight for the woman he loves, and choose to let Iris know how he truly felt. Caitlin and Ronnie tied the knot, as their loved ones stood by their side. Barry took the leap the audience had been waiting for with unbelievable speeds, seeing glimpses of the past, present and the future. He managed to return to the past, as he witnessed his young self being rescued by his future self. Barry made a critical choice that had fans probably screaming at their TV screen: he allowed Reverse Flash to stab his mom, just as he reunited with her. I

t was a heartbreaking moment, where our hero chose not to rescue his mother. Ok, that was a moment that I was not expecting, I was almost certain that Barry would re-write the past, but perhaps decided he had way too much to lose. Wells was ready to bid farewell, but Barry returned with a vengeance destroying Thawne’s spaceship, and the Flash and Reverse Flash duked it out. Panic emerged as the gang attempted to prevent absolute destruction. In a shocking moment, Eddie shot himself in his chest, altering the future as the real Eobard Thawne came to fruition.

Wow, I don’t think I ever balled this much watching an episode. Eddie died, Iris is heartbroken, Reverse Flash is no more and Barry didn’t save his mother, just absolute chaos, as the black-hole opened in the final moments. Like a typical cliffhanger, Barry risked his life to close the black-hole, but rather he is successful or not is to be determined. Fans will have to wait till the fall to see what fate beholds the fastest man in the world.