UNITED STATES—Flu season is in full force and it has been one of the worse that I have seen in years America and I am not joking about it at all. About 2 weeks ago, the flu struck me strong and fast, with a fever hitting over 105 and making me immobile for nearly 3 days. Note: I had never had the flu before this, so for someone like myself who rarely, and I mean rarely get sick, the fact that I was dead in the water, as I like to call it, says tons. No one is immune from catching the flu America, and if you’re not careful, you will catch it.

Now, if someone expects this to be a column advocating for you to get the flu shot, this is not! I have mixed feelings about the flu shot simply because it does NOT prevent you from catching the flu. In my local region, it seems like every single day, someone I know is or has gotten the flu. It first started with my dad, whose condition was not that great, and he was under the weather for nearly 2 weeks, and also suffered from gout. His illness later transpired to his wife, who was coughing up a storm, so much to the point, that she was forced to stay at home several days.

I hate being sick and with all due respect, when people are ill stay at home, please do not go into work. You are spreading germs making others susceptible to getting ill. I completely, and I mean completely understand the notion that some people HAVE to go to work regardless of how sick they are. Missing a day of work can be the difference between keeping the lights or the gas on. Doctors are saying the flu has gotten so bad just being in the presence of someone who has the illness is likely to make you susceptible to catching it. That I totally believe, because just being in my father’s orbit led to me catching the flu.

I’m the type of person who can be a germaphobe after getting sick. I don’t like to be bothered, I like to be left alone, but after recovering from a serious illness, the disinfectant spray, the cleaning wipes and so many other cleaning products utilized to killed germs become part of my orbit. Cleaning the toilet, cleaning door knobs, and regions that were previously consumed with pathogens is a great way to ensure you don’t get sick again.

I was informed I should get the flu shot, but considering I know so many who got it and soon thereafter caught the flu, not to mention I do have skepticism that the notion of the flu shot is more a money grab for the pharmaceutical industry. I do believe children and the elderly should get the flu shot as it seems to be striking those age groups a lot tougher than teens, young adults and middle aged adults. I’ve been told there is a 30 percent chance that I will not get the flu if I get a shot, however, that puts me at a 70 percent chance of still catching the flu. Those are numbers that don’t make we feel reassured America.

I will also admit that taking it easy when you are sick is important; don’t feel compelled to do things that you normally don’t do. This was the first time in nearly years, where I just laid in the bed, I did not go to work, I did not watch TV, I did not check emails, I did not look at my phone, and it felt amazing! I just rested, and it was something my body desperately needed and was worth every single moment. Rest, we all need it, but for reasons that seem impossible to explain we are not doing more of it. We’ve overworking our bodies, not dressing properly during the winter months, and as a result places us in a situation where catching the flu or getting ill becomes more likely.

While it is inevitable that many will catch the flu this season, there are ways that you can take precautions to decrease your chances of getting ill. I cannot stress this enough, wash your hands consistently, especially if you are in public places. I hate to say this, but people are very nasty and just because you do something you cannot expect everyone else to do the same thing. If someone is ill, it may not be the best idea to be in that person’s orbit if you are hoping to prevent catching their illness.