HOLLYWOOD—It looks like Candace has found a way to entangle even more people into her web of deception, this time her brother Benny, in the latest episode of Tyler Perry’s “The Haves and the Have Nots.” ‘Immunity,’ found Benny stunned with the reveal that his sister killed Quincy. When he discovered that Jeffrey and Candace fatally stabbed the enemy, the plan moved to deciphering how to cover up the murder.

Benny took the lead to protect his sister once again by telling her to scram just as he made plans to cover her tracks. It became a mission to find Jeffery to prevent him from spilling the beans. Jeffrey got sprung from his cell, just as Katheryn, Veronica, David and Jim theorized what the district attorney was up to. Jim threw insults and David came to blows after they traded spars about Veronica’s true actions. Veronica was ready to slap some sense into Jennifer, and Katheryn even snapped.

David was released, which left Jim, Katheryn and Veronica stunned. For once, David stood his ground and did not cave into his wife’s demands. He questioned Jennifer’s tactics and issues of their prior relationship surfaced. When he learned Maggie pulled strings and got him out of prison he was slightly stunned. Maggie was at a loss for words when he came face-to-face with David, he was peeved by her actions. He made a call to Mama Rose to see if Jim put out a hit on Veronica, and she made it clear that Veronica should not go to her home. Ok, that clear’s it up; friends will now become mortal enemies. David continued to question who the gentlemen Veronica had sex with.

Jeffrey found himself being questions by Jennifer who informed him at the latest developments in Wyatt’s case. He was stunned to realize his pal brokered a deal to spare him as well, which found Jeffrey realizing he would have to testify against his parents to ensure his safety. Jeffrey refused the deal, which fumed Jennifer.

He noted that he would testify against his mother, and only her, which caused Jennifer’s wheels to begin spinning. He unleashed a bit of anger in the process and explained that his mother blackmailed him with the car, and that his mother forced him to be straight. She baited Jeffrey into giving her information about the Harrington clan and Ms. Maggie Day. Quincy’s sister continued to worry about her brother’s whereabouts, and used a pal to track precisely where Quincy was located and decided to take a road trip.

After missing for more than an entire episode, the viewers got an update on Hanna and Quincy Jr. She realized that her grandson’s condition was in dire straits and a visit to the doctor was imminent. Hanna called a taxi to rush her grandson to the hospital. Jeffrey stopped by the Cryer mansion and updated Wyatt on the latest involving their parents.

Fear rose into Jeffrey’s body, as Wyatt was certain they were in the clear. Wyatt revealed that he was getting his inheritance, which created concerns for his pal who was certain that Wyatt would lose control. Jeffrey was about to confess to stabbing Quincy, but caught himself in the nick of time. Candace showed up to the Cryer residence to talk to Jeffrey about their predicament, and Candace was concerned when she learned her pal may have blurted out what has transpired.

Wyatt confessed to Candace that he was responsible for driving the vehicle that placed her brother in a coma and killed a little girl as well. Candace was quite livid, and demanded answers from Jeffrey regarding just what he told the police. She was stunned when she learned her pal betrayed her and he threw out a bit of anger and two friends started to shatter. She pushed his buttons, and Candace made it clear that she had no intentions of letting him off the hook easy. In case you forgot Jeffrey, you just killed a man. Quincy Jr. alerted his grandmother that he was in desperate need of his medicine, but as viewers we still have no clue as to precisely what her grandson is suffering from. Come’on Tyler Perry you’re dragging this a bit too much, its time to let it out in the open.

When she alerted the cab driver that she was low on funds he dropped her off. Hanna why in the hell didn’t you just wait until you got to the hospital to alert the cab driver of the situation? While waiting at the bus stop, Quincy Jr. fainted. Gosh, Tyler Perry you can’t tease the audience like this. Things are heating up way too fast and I’m dying to know what is about to transpire with the Cryer, Harrington and Young clan. Goody, ‘Temptation Tuesday’ looks like it’s going to be hotter than ever next week on “The Haves and the Have Nots!