HOLLYWOOD—Again, talk about the ABC soap “General Hospital” disappointing viewers with a big reveal that viewers eagerly await for. Did I expect for the writers to FINALLY clue the audience into the person who has been hooking people in Port Charles? Not really. Any guesses as to who that person is? I’ll give you a clue it’s a person I suspected who was NOT possible as the suspect? SPOILER ALERT: it is Heather Webber? Yes, the person who has been hooking people in PC has been Heather Webber? Like what the hell is this? This feels like the biggest let down that I can think of America.

Why? It makes virtually no sense. This woman is supposed to be under watch at Shady Brook, but instead she has found a way to sneak in and out this facility whenever she feels like hooking someone? How in the hell is no one witnessing or catching this? I mean Ryan Chamberlain himself seems dumbfounded at the fact that his former lover and the mother to his child is attacking people exacting vengeance on their daughter Esme who they believe has been wronged, yet she has committed all sorts of mischievous deeds.

It looks like another casualty has been claimed as a result of Heather, Dr. Britt Westbrook. This is the worst possible way for Britt to vacate the soap as she dies after getting scrapped by Heather’s hook that had venom in it. Saving Josslyn Jacks of all people? I’m sorry Joss is one hell of an annoying character, she is Carly personified, but worse. She is so high and mighty, yet, you’re cheating on your boyfriend with Dex, who is working with Michael to take down Sonny. Here’s the problem: I suspect both Joss, Michael and Dex will be in for a major shocker when Sonny realizes what his son has been up to behind his back.

Truth be told I’m all for it. I cannot wait for Cameron to find out what Joss has been up to so that she’ll have to face the music and atone for her sins. I mean she took her relationship with Dex to the next level after he saved her from Heather’s Hook, but I expect some guilt in play when she discovers Britt died as a result of her intervening. When the truth about Dex and Michael’s plan is revealed, Dex could be knocking at Death’s door and it will be intriguing to see how this plays out.

Speaking of Britt, her escape from The Hook had me relieved until Liesl realized her daughter was cut before she started to have trouble breathing. Remember Liesl already lost one child in Nathan, and now losing Britt, this woman is about to spiral and it will not be in a good way so Heather, Ryan and Esme should all be worried because this woman was a wicked villain who worked alongside Cesar Faison before she reformed herself, but this tragedy is about to strike, Brad, Maxie, Liesl and Nina extremely hard people very hard.

So with Heather exposed, the question that now comes to light is who will be her final or big victim before everyone discovers she’s the culprit because c’mon let’s face it we haven’t had a really big death yet. “GH” is afraid to go the route of “Days of Our Lives” when their Salem Stalker was claiming a major victim week after week and left audiences stunned each time. Right now, I’m not stunned, but seeing Dex, Joss, Cameron, Spencer or Trina bite it would be exciting, but let’s take Trina and Spencer off the list, the OTHER THREE they can all go.

However, let’s talk about another big bomb: Esme escaped Wyndemere and was exposed. Yeah, she started a fire that allowed her to escape when Nikolas tried to extinguish the fire. She jumped from the same region she was pushed from months ago. The difference: the weather way more wicked and Esme is pregnant. Nikolas was in panic mode, so was Elizabeth. However, it was Spencer and Trina who got the shock when they came face-to-face with their nemesis just as they were about to kiss. The big bomb: they learned she was pregnant and it was obvious that Spencer’s brain started to churn with the notion that his father could be Esme’s baby daddy.

This should be all the evidence Trina, Spencer and Dante need to realize that Esme is not the Hook after the latest attack if she was in frigid waters fighting for her life. Start looking elsewhere people because it ain’t Esme it’s her twisted mother! With that said Michael proposed to Willow whose leukemia is getting worse by the minute and his desire to take down Sonny is concerning Dante and Sam, who even warned Joss to fallback.

Ava was indeed stunned when she discovered Esme is pregnant and she knew immediately Nikolas was the father which I think is going to be the dagger people. This worries me because I think Heather’s final and biggest victim is going to be Nikolas Cassadine as she attempts to avenge her daughter and his death would be on that shocks PC people because it will indeed be a game changer to see a Cassadine bite the dust and how many lives will be upended as a result.