HOLLYWOOD—Man, the level of hypocrisy I’m seeing on the CBS soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful” is beyond scary. I am so fired up that I couldn’t wait to craft this column. Who the hell is Hope Logan to preach to Deacon Sharpe that he needs to terminate his relationship with Sheila Carter if he wants a relationship with her? Um, excuse me? Let’s be clear, Sheila Carter is dangerous.

She has killed people, she has done wicked things including causing Brooke to break her sobriety, shooting and ‘killing’ Finn, only for him to come back from the dead, shooting Steffy, I can go on and on. However, Hope needs to take a look at who she is dating if she wants to send any sort of message to her father. Thomas Forrester is not saint, he might be far worse than Sheila because you know what you’re going to get with her, Thomas not so much. This guy has been obsessed with Hope for nearly a decade. He kept her daughter from her and knew for months that his sister was raising the child.

Once exposed, he planned to kidnap Hope, fought her hubby Liam at the time, manipulated his son to lie for him, planned to marry another woman to make Hope jealous, was obsessed with a mannequin, drugged Liam so he would sleep with Steffy, called Child Protective Services on himself to frame his stepmother and kept that Sheila swapped Brooke’s champagne ultimately leading to Steffy and Finn being shot. Oh, I forgot to mention the biggest one, he ran Emma Barber off the road leading to her death. So by all standards, he’s committed murder just like Sheila!

Let’s be honest, who’s laundry list of misdeeds is worse? Sheila by a hair, but if anything, Hope should be running from Thomas, but she has this lust for a man that makes no sense. I totally get why Liam severed ties with Hope because she is an idiot. She is suffering from serious trauma guilt when it comes to Thomas. I swear, if Hope accepts his marriage proposal it will be the worst decision of her life, and something tells me a major crash and burn is going to explode.

Perhaps, maybe the truth about Thomas knowing about Sheila swapping the non-alcoholic champagne with actual champagne will come to light or perhaps that he was the one who drugged Liam leading to him sleeping with Steffy. I mean the writers just seem to forget storylines without a sneeze on this soap opera. Xander Avant is returning to cause more havoc and rightfully so. If Xander and Zoe were punished for their role in the baby Beth cover-up why the hell isn’t Thomas?

I want to return to Sheila Carter because Steffy for reasons that make no sense decided to confront Sheila after seeing her near her daughter and it was a battle where slaps, punches and strangles were exchanged. Finn is perhaps siding with dear ole mom again and it makes me wonder why in the hell Steffy is rocking the boat if she doesn’t have to. You can curse out Sheila, but if you put your hands on her, all bets are off.

Sheila was livid and trashed the apartment and then stalked Steffy at the beach house during a stormy night. She made it clear that Steffy Forrester would die and once Sheila has something in her head it is very difficult to turn it off. Well it was a moment, because the lights went out, Sheila broke into the home and Steffy armed herself with a butcher knife before stabbing Sheila in the chest.

Ok, I thought Sheila might be wounded, but nope, blood spilled on the floor, out of her mouth and she turned taking her final breath. Yes, people, Sheila Carter is dead! This is about to be a game changer for the soap because Steffy has now killed two people, her cousin Ally (in self-defense) and now Sheila in actual self-defense.  However, this is a soap opera, so is Sheila truly dead or are we looking a doppelganger? I mean Sheila has been talking to someone from her past, but we have no idea who that person is?

This doesn’t look good for Steffy’s marriage to Finn as it appears Hope is becoming a confidant for Finn and I like that pairing a bit more than with Thomas. Steffy deserves whatever is headed her way because she poked the bear, and this is what happens.

I am happy it did happen because February Sweeps have been TERRIBLE on “The Bold and the Beautiful.” Not a single damn thing has happened up to this point, and finally now we’re getting a taste of some drama, and it is now time for March.