The Kumquat, It’s Not An Orange


UNITED STATES—It’s amazing the new things you can learn by watching television sometimes. While watching season four of Food Network’s “The Next Iron Chef” I discovered a new fruit, the kumquat.  Yes, it does have a funny name, and funny named fruits, veggies or dishes in general tend to scare people.

While the kumquat may appear similar to the orange, this is not the case. This little treat is much smaller in size, think of an apricot, but knock it down a few more sizes. Kumquats are cultivated in various parts of Asia, particularly China, but also in states like Florida and California.

The kumquat unlike the orange, can be eaten in its entirety, but be warned, while the orange is sweet on the inside, and a bit sour on the outside, the kumquat is the opposite. It’s sour on the inside, but sweet on the outside. The fruit can be eaten raw, but its best utilized when cooked to mingle with jams, marmalades or jellies. I nice treat is to even candy the fruit to heighten its unique flavor and taste.

In various parts of the world, the fruit is used as an addition to many drinks like teas and liquor for added flavor. Kumquats deliver a hefty dose of Vitamin A and C, but it also is a vital source of calcium, magnesium and potassium for consumption. Kumquats may not be as popular in many American homes, but give this unique fruit a try; you may be surprised with the culinary uses the fruit can add to some of your favorite dishes.

By LaDale Anderson