UNITED STATES—If you don’t know by now, I am a huge sports fan in the football arena, especially of the NFL Detroit Lions. People may not know this, but the Lions have been brutalized in recent years because of the team’s performance, but within the last two years there has been a massive turnaround. Last year, so many people expected the Green Bay Packers to crush the Lions at Lambeau Field, but it was the exact opposite. We put a beating on them and knocked them out of the playoffs.

This 2023 season has been epic. I mean we’ve gone 12-5; it should be 13-4 because we defeated the Dallas Cowboys, but it’s okay, the Packers took care of them for us, and then almost did the same thing with the San Francisco 49ers, but in the final moments the 49ers somehow made a comeback. Look, I know San Francisco is the #1 team in the NFC, but let’s be honest, they got trounced by the Packers and they look very beatable, in my opinion, as we travel on the road to play for a chance at the Super Bowl.

I will admit, NOT in a million years did I EVER expect the hometown Lions would ever make it this far. I mean we had a season where we won one-two games. Hell, we even had a season where we didn’t win a single game the entire damn NFL season. Talk about embarrassing because it did indeed happen. There are some sports fans where a team not playing well sends them into a spiral. I mean this literally. They can start their Sunday in the greatest mood, but once their team loses, they go from ecstatic to just plain miserable. I mean not only does it destroy their day it messes up their entire week.

Sports fans are loyal to a fault, which is how the Detroit Lions fans are. I mean can you imagine paying for a ticket to a football game for a team that has a losing record? No, most people can’t, but Detroit they’re loyal to a fault no matter what. With that said, the fans are being rewarded after suffering for decades. I mean the team has NEVER been to the Super Bowl, and in 2024 with just one more victory the Detroit Lions could be headed to the Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

I’m trying not to jinx the team because once you put it out there, you cannot take it back. However, there is a level of hope I have that I cannot describe with words and it’s not the fact that the Detroit Lions are considered the underdog against the San Francisco 49ers. We like to utilize the word ‘grit’ quite often in the city of the D, as we call it. This team has a level of grit, fight that I don’t think any other team left in the playoffs has. Yeah, I’m over the Kansas City Chiefs; they’re just not that great of a team this year compared to last year. In addition, the Taylor Swift element is just annoying as hell. She does too much and she knows it, even if she tries to act like she doesn’t.

I wanted the Buffalo Bills to pummel them so badly and after that missed field goal it was a sigh of defeat. With that said, I hope Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens send the Chiefs packing, however, if it doesn’t happen and the Chiefs happen to make it to the Super Bowl, what a story it would be for the Detroit Lions to face the team no one thought they could defeat at the start of the season. Oh, the Chiefs would want some payback, but the Lions would like to prove they’re titans and deliver the Motor City their first Super Bowl championship. Oh, it would be a story of all tales, and I just want to see the camera focused on Taylor Swift as she sees her boyfriend and his team getting their butts kicked.

However, before we can tackle the Ravens or the Chiefs, we have to go through the 49ers. With that said, don’t count us out. We travel, we watch, we root, we will fight for our Lions. We can talk about the team being bad, but not anyone else. The 49ers should not underestimate us because for us it is not just another football game it is an opportunity to prove something that not many people expect. It is a story that is going to wow plenty across this country and who doesn’t love that.

Written By Davy Jones