HOLLYWOOD—Allan had his suspicions and got his confirmation in the latest episode of “The Oval” thanks to Jason and his wicked ways. That kid is danger and I mean massive danger because he knows how to manipulate and do things to push his agenda. This week’s episode, ‘Empty Your Bag’ proved that Victoria and Hunter better get a grip on their son otherwise things will only get worse.

Jason wanted Allan to murder his father, but as angry as Allan was, he is a reasonable individual and realized what was being spewed was beyond dangerous. So it was apparent that Jason took offense to Allan’s insidious thoughts. Barry was riled up when Diakhan and members of that cult and Barry’s blood was boiling. Wow, he can face-to-face with Ruth who wanted that money that Barry found and spent.

Seems Ellie and Hunter were not the least bit worried about getting caught in the act. Ellie you’re not a good liar, which Hunter immediately picked up on people. Allan confronted Mr. President about his tryst with his girlfriend. Hunter connected the dots and realized that Allan might be striking Ellie and stirred the pot in a major way. Barry confirmed to Richard that Ruth wants that money to get his daughter back and dear ole dad was ready to be by his son’s side, just as Nancy entered into the mix, and Barry spoke a bit of sense for once.

Again Nancy refused to disclose who the father of Pinky is which means there is no hope for her marriage if the truth is not unveiled. If you think reconciliation was in the works, you would be wrong because Richard wanted the truth and he was not budging. Richard made it clear he was getting closer to discovering the truth, which I think should worry Nancy. Hunter did his best to sneak into the bedroom, unaware that Victoria was wide awake as she took his pants and decided to confront Ellie.

So it finally looks like the truth about Jean was about to come out, and Allan was spilling tea to Victoria who was not pleased to say the least. Victoria decided to have a chat with Ellie, just as Allan was about to leave the premises. Victoria might not be a nice woman, but I must admit I respect her for calling women out when they do wicked deeds. Victoria wanted that bag emptied and she got the proof she wanted: Ellie keeping Hunter’s underwear. It is apparent Hunter and Victoria have secrets as she issued veiled threats about possible prison time. Sam was digging into the death of Jean and it looks like he was connecting dots with people in powerful places to get the information he needed to prove or disprove Priscilla’s theory.

Donald found himself awakened in the middle of the night by Ms. Laura who indicated that Jean was found dead underneath Jason’s bed. Yeah, Donald this is a major mess you’re going to have to try to clean up and it’s Kyle who is the top choice. Ms. Laura wanted to speak to Sam, but I think Donald knew things getting out would be very bad people. Kyle was not the bit pleased to hear from Donald, and it appears jealously was impacting both of them as Kyle did his best to get Donald riled up.

Max was suffering from some wicked nightmares, as Bobby did his best to subdue his pal. The duo heard strange sounds outside their cabin and armed themselves ready to shoot and found themselves face-to-face with multiple members from that wicked cult. Bobby wanted to let them go, but Max was not willing to sweep things under the rug so quickly. Donald showed up uninvited at Kyle’s place and found Dale and Kyle in bed. Looks like Donald’s boy toy is not willing to just take orders because he wants them to.

Dale had dealt with enough drama for the night and was ready to jump ship, however, Kyle whined and begged and the new guy in town caved in. Allan received a call from Jason trying to do his best to get into this guy’s head. Ellie has to be crazy if she thinks sleeping with the POTUS and not think Allan won’t want answers I can’t explain it.

When she admitted she was not in love with him, it caused Allan’s rage to continue to boil. Kyle paid Ms. Laura a visit and she confessed all, leading Kyle to smothering her with a pillow. It looks like the cover-up to protect Jason continues to spiral more and more. Until next week “The Oval” fanatics!

Written By LaDale Anderson