HOLLYWOOD—President Hunter Franklin was busted for messing around with an informant in the latest episode of “The Oval.” Alonzo created a major diversion holding Hunter at gunpoint to disarm the cops that were ready to fire in the episode, ‘Into the Woods.’ Now this is the Alonzo that is becoming a more fleshed out character people and threw a grenade to ensure their escape. Whew, ballsy Alonzo. Hunter was concerned about his jacket that had cocaine in it, but Hunter you should be happy you didn’t just get exposed.

Richard, Sharon, Nancy and Barry were all headed to a safe place, the Vice President’s abode, but Barry was missing in action. Victoria was busy looking for Hunter, who later showed up and had to answer to his wife. Hunter called his wife out on murdering Jason, and he planned to dig for the truth to expose his wicked wife. This scene is dragging a bit longer than my liking America.

Kareem, Allan and Dale all chatted about their situation and how they’re in a whirlwind of chaos. Dale informed Allan that Donald had him shot. Kareem questioned if he could trust Allan, and he disclosed that Donald tried to kill him. Yeah, the paranoia is spreading between the three, and Dale tossed out his theory of them camping as a diversion. Dale’s theory is not a bad one people. Bobby and Max managed to scope outside of the Chief of Staff’s place to save Lily, but Max thought it was a bad idea because they were outnumbered.

Bobby and Max stop bickering and figure out a plan that will allow you both to stay alive and rescue Lily. Alonzo was coy about his errands with the POTUS and that an APB was out on his vehicle, and the cat and dog dance continued. Looks like his agent pal, knows everything that occurred with Hunter and Alonzo. His pal warned Alonzo not to make careless mistakes otherwise it could be problematic.

Dale, Kareem and Allan; the 3 stooges people camping out in the middle of nowhere, where Allan and Dale were ok with the situation, Kareem not so much. Kareem’s ego is taking a big blow, but this is not the time for a therapy session, as Allan divulged that his girlfriend was sleeping with the POTUS and she was murdered as a result. Kyle managed to escape his captivity, which blew my mind. One would think Max would be smarter to ensure that Kyle could NOT escape.

Lily warned Donald that Bobby was coming to take him out. Lily is getting under Donald’s skin people and it is fun to watch. The Vice President welcomed Sharon and Nancy to their home, just as Max showed up to reduce detail, while Richard went looking for Barry who is still MIA. When Donald got word that he was losing agents, the look on his face said it all. He was indeed getting worried, because a Donald without agents is not so powerful people. Max received a call from Kyle where he learned he was camped outside his in-laws place and threatened to injure his son. Priscilla continued to push Sam to rest, but he refused to listen to doctor’s orders. Sam alerted Priscilla they needed to go see the VP and that their lives are in danger. Priscilla you NEED to listen to Sam because he knows the danger that is lurking. Damn Priscilla is pissing me the hell off because she does not listen, just as Sam alerted her he was being poisoned.

Damn girl, listen to your husband he knows the danger that is lurking. Victoria flirted with the two new secret service agents before visiting Eli and issuing threats per usual. She decided to make a move on Eli and the two started to make out! What the hell am I missing here? Have these two been secretly working together all along and what is the end game people because this twist I did not see coming from a million miles away and I am re-evaluating everything now. Great job Tyler Perry because you stunned me with that scene. I CANNOT wait till next week’s “The Oval” people!