HOLLYWOOD—The drama intensified on this week’s episode of “Queen Sugar” with the episode, ‘Never to be the Same,’ which saw Ralph Angel and Micah with different approaches on informing Darla that Chase is in Saint Joseph looking for her. It was fun to see Micah step into an adult role and policing his uncle who is on edge about what to do about Chase. Violet picked up on the bad energy from Ralph Angel, just as Darla sensed something was off people. Violet received a call from Jimmy Dale and was not pleased, just as Nova shared with Billie about her unexpected encounter with Calvin.

Billie was delivered a bomb when she learned from Violet that Jimmy Dale is dying, and the opportunity for her to bid adieu to the man who turned her life upside down. Darla listened on the conversation which was a trigger for her situation involving Chase and she confided in Vi about the situation and her worry for Ralph Angel. About time, the one farmer who has been resistant to the co-op realized that there is power in numbers. Why? The other farmers came to his aide when they needed him most.

The emotion that Billie delivered in her monologue with Nova about what she would say to Jimmy Dale was beyond powerful people. That was some epic acting from Tammy Townsend people. Just brilliant. Micah decided to spill to Darla that Chase was looking for her and that Ralph Angel roughed him up pretty bad. It worried Darla greatly as she rushed off to locate Ralph Angel, with Hollywood not far behind. Hollywood instilled some wisdom into Darla about her battle to not allow her past to determine her future. Gosh, the dialogue on this series is so riveting and powerful people.

Darla found Ralph Angel at the pool where they had a difficult conversation about Chase and his connection to Blue. Ralph Angel refused to allow that man to be part of his son’s life. Darla stood her ground and made it clear that she will speak her truth if needed to expose Chase for the rapist that he is. This woman is finally taking her power back and it’s impressive as hell to watch. I was scared for a moment regarding Ralph Angel and Darla’s marriage.

It was a moment of great joy, as Joaquin and Dante were reunited with their father, bringing joy to the boys, as well as Violet and Hollywood. Micah finally decided to reach out to his mother and to apologize for posting that NFT of her and it was long overdue, but an emotional, yet satisfying moment of an adult owning his mistake. Nova decided to have a face-to-face with her former flame, Camille and it felt like a spark exploded when these two ladies chatted.

It was the moment viewers have been waiting for, the interaction between Chase and Darla. Chase was all giddy, but Ralph Angel’s appearance frightened him. Hollywood and Violet appeared to play mediator to the situation. Darla made it clear Chase was attempting to intimidate her and asked her to sign an NDA. Darla presented her own paperwork forcing Chase to sign away his rights to Blue. Things got tense as Darla and Chase confronted the past and shouting transpired, but not before Chase received a punch by Ralph Angel who couldn’t keep himself composed.

Darla is no joke, as she forced him to sign paperwork making a large donation to the Saint Joseph’s Co-Op and constant donations for up to 10 years. Darla spoke the words that Chase raped her and she finally spoke her truth and was willing to tell her story and Chase got caught on recording admitting what he did to her. Checkmate. Round of applause people because that was brilliant drama, epic storytelling and a courageous moment that left me shook, but cheering at the TV screen people. This final season of “Queen Sugar” has been stellar people. Until next Tuesday “Queen Sugar” lovers!