HOLLYWOOD—Oh, it was a moment worth watching on this week’s episode of “The Oval,” as Priscilla and Kyle went toe-to-toe and things got very physical. This week’s episode, ‘Keep Your Enemies Close’ witnessed Priscilla stand her ground and make it clear that she was NOT afraid of Kyle one single bit. He was busted red-handed and Priscilla called him out about rummaging through the President’s bathroom without permission. He threatened her and physically tried to choke her, before she fought back and he rushed out. This is about to be good.

Nina was prepping her interview with Jason Franklin and his return from the ‘dead.’ Nina was given plenty to spill and she was ready to spill to others, just as Jason’s intuition I felt might be accurate. This woman is a reporter who maybe has an ulterior motive, and Jason’s life might be at risk, and others exposed in the process.

Back inside The Oval, Priscilla spilled to Hunter about some things transpiring with Kyle and his personal space as Agent Aaron was present. Priscilla squealed and Hunter was not pleased and Agent Aaron was forced to track down Kyle who is going to have plenty of explaining to do. Max called out Alonzo on his odd behavior, and he spilled about some mishaps he made that got him in trouble with Hunter and Victoria. I loved that Max called out Alonzo on his behavior; to be honest I forgot about the character.

Kyle was concerned about Hunter requesting his immediate appearance and Victoria tried to ease his worries, but sorry Victoria you might be busted this time around. Aaron peeped that Kyle was up to no good, as he was spotted meeting with Victoria (red flag alerts). Kyle nervous, oh I like this. Another episode of Allan being Allan, this has just got to stop at this point because this character is becoming flat and tiring as hell. If you’re not going to develop the character, kill him off.

Hunter didn’t buy what Kyle was selling and he wanted to see what Kyle retrieved. Hunter made it clear he was onto Kyle and Victoria and Donald. Looks like the dots are being connected by Hunter and Aaron, like I said a sober Hunter is a likeable one. Stunned to realize Bobby and Max have no idea on Victoria’s whereabouts, but I’m guessing that is information that Hunter would only spill to those he trusts. Kyle you are being setup and you don’t even know it, because it seems Donald is the mole.

Priscilla stopped by to check on Richard who was drinking his sorrows away in the wake of learning about Barry’s demise. Nancy released some gut-wrenching grief that rips your heart apart as a viewer. Oh Nina, who were you calling? Kyle alerted Donald that he obtained the drugs that Victoria was giving Hunter. Donald planned to leave Victoria chained up and refused to contact her father, but that may not be wise. Wow so Nina is the one who has been working with Hunter and she spilled ALL THE TEA about her exclusive interview with Jason.

Jeez, this is a game changer, and now it looks like Sam is in massive trouble and the walls are all closing in now. Oh, man next week is going to be explosive on “The Oval” and I cannot wait to tune in.