HOLLYWOOD—Last week’s episode of “The Oval” ended on a watery note, with David ensuring Kyle’s right-hand snitch, Kane, crashed his vehicle into the Potomac. However, David was in control, as the audience witnessed in this week’s episode, ‘No Regrets.’ As the car sunk, David ensured that agent was left unconscious as he obtained the keys to unlock himself and escape from the vehicle. Kane, who we thought was dead, managed to escape, uh, that sucks!

Victoria and Donald attempted to plead with Hunter for a press op, who was more concerned about locating Alonzo who was probably going to help him score some more drugs. Victoria played the role of a mourning mother, as Hunter was forced to play the part, even though he was seething inside. It was indeed a performance people, as Simone and Eli witnessed. Simone called her acting out 100 percent, and asked all the right questions: Where is there daughter? Eli you’re a bit defensive of someone who you supposedly ‘don’t’ like. Simone called Eli out for cheating on her with the First Lady, he denied the accusations, as Simone pulled out her earring as evidence, and he was not playing the part people.

Simone you have everything right, except for the fact that Eli is ACTUALLY cheating on you, not Victoria cozying up to you. Eli you are not convincing your wife. Sam cornered Jason and made it clear he was there to help him and to protect him from his parents. Jason was on edge with gun in hand, but Sam did a stellar job as a negotiator to calm the rattled kid down.  Jason was in denial as Sam realized that trouble was indeed lurking and danger was close.

Bobby finally took a call from Lilly who warned her former flame she did not stay with Donald because she wanted to, but because Donald is threatening her family. Bobby’s ego was huge, just as it was clear Lilly was asking for his assistance to protect her family. Unfortunately, Bobby didn’t want to hear any of it. Bobby was livid at Max for trying to put him in a difficult position. Max did pull the right strings proving Bobby still cares about Lilly. Dale paid a visit to Kareem to get the keys for the pharmacy and could immediately tell something was off, and he warned Sharon.

Priscilla and Richard were annoyed with Victoria’s over-the-top theatrics at Jason’s ‘death.’ Yeah, the First Lady is not aware that Richard knows the truth, just as Kyle received a call from Kane alerting that David got away and talk about pure chaos erupting, it sure did people. Alonzo alerted Allan that Hunter wanted more cocaine. To help Alonzo out, Allan gave him a jar of cocaine that he had stashed in his drawer. Allan dropped that Donald is in a relationship with Kyle that no one seems to be aware of. Perceptive, Allan is quite perceptive.

Bobby and Max are connecting the dots that something might be going on between Eli and Victoria; they are getting hotter to discovering the truth! Bobby decided to do some more flirting with Priscilla even though Max warned him to steer clear. Richard caught Priscilla and Bobby in a close moment and called out his pal on her behavior. Alonzo delivered Hunter with the drugs that he wanted, putting a massive smile on his face. Back at the hospital, Sharon checked on Nancy, who seemed aloof on her condition, proving she was indeed drugged by the cult.

Nancy’s intuition was telling her that something bad happened to Barry. Not good because this means Nancy has now lost two children. That is a devastating blow people, as Richard tried to assure Nancy all was ok, even though he knows in his gut that Barry is dead also. The final moments of the episode witnessed Sharon confront Kareem about his odd behavior, which prompted him to reveal the truth, but he stormed out, but not before Sharon spotted Barry’s bloody phone underneath the couch. Oh, Kareem you look busted. Things are getting more interested by the minute people. Until next Tuesday “The Oval” fanatics!