HOLLYWOOD—Hunter Franklin thinks just because he is President of the United States that gives him a pass to do whatever he wants on “The Oval.” He learned on this week’s episode, ‘One Rule’ that Sharon is NOT that girl. She made it crystal clear that no matter what he throws at her, a new apartment, tips on stocks, money and so much more that she was not the least bit intrigued. I loved that Sharon gave him a taste of his own medicine and she was wicked to the core delivering every possible insult she could to him.

Kyle attempted to take Sharon home, but she was the least bit interested. It took Sam long enough, but he started to realize that Victoria was up to no good as she wanted to have a chat with Allan and he confronted one of his men to see what was underway. Sam you cannot be this loyal yet this stupid at the same damn time, then again maybe you are. Priscilla was surprised to discover that Nancy and Richard found a way to reconcile, just as she returned the money that was loaned to her.

Priscilla was adamant that things between her and Sam were done and she did not want her pal continuing to pry into a relationship that is broken into a million pieces. The hard exterior of the woman the audience has rooted for broke down, but it’s apparent she is not ready to let her guard down too much. Kareem went into panic mode after discovering that the pharmacy was a mess and she was missing. Kyle answered Kareem’s 911 call and then ‘forced’ Sharon to lie. Kareem knew something was wrong, but it was apparent he knew something was wrong.

Sam started to question one of his men who assaulted Allan and the man in charge was not the least bit happy about the situation. Donald was busy examining footage of Bobby who infiltrated The White House. Kyle learned about the situation and was not pleased. What?! Are you telling me that Kyle and Donald have no clue where Bobby is considering he is trapped within the compound? Donald is NOT going to do a single thing about Lilly so he needs to stop puffing his chest people.

Sharon returned to the pharmacy and was more elusive than ever. She spun a story that seemed like it was going to be believable, that was until Kareem connected dots that did not make sense to say the least. Sharon was worried about putting Kareem and Dale in any danger, but it was more about her finding a way to protect the people she cares most about.

Ok, this is beyond interesting; it was the Vice President who was holding Bobby and Max captive. This explains why Hunter and Victoria were afraid of the second in command. So the VP is working to find a way to take down the POTUS, and he is currently gathering all the details needed to put a nail in the coffin for the Commander in Chief. It was apparent Bobby and Max were very skeptical. The Vice President made it clear he knows more about Bobby and Max’s shenanigans than they expect. Kyle was hoping to get an edge, but sorry, someone is ahead of you buddy.

Jason had a new agent to play with as he attempted to do his best to psych him out. Lilly was worried sick about Bobby and managed to get in touch with him by phone to know all was ok. Allan was treating an injury to his ribs when Ellie showed up, answering questions about the mess inside their apartment. It was apparent that Ellie was tired of the antics with Allan, just as Donald planned to scare his wife yet again like in the past.

Donald decided to confront Lilly about Bobby being at The White House and she called Donald out on his antics with Kyle. I love the games these two play; it is so damn interesting to say the least. The final moments of the episode say Allan picked up a baseball bat as Ellie lied asleep in the bed. Wow, is Allan actually going do what Victoria asked? Guess we will have to wait till next week “The Oval” fanatics!