HOLLYWOOD—Did Sharon actually kill Kareem in last week’s episode of “The Oval?” That is the question I wanted answered, which viewers learned in this week’s episode, ‘Pins and Needles.’ Sharon was in panic mode after knocking Kareem unconscious with that bat, just as Dale was still reeling over the recent incident involving Alonzo, however, someone was still inside the pharmacy when Dale locked up for the night. He alerted Sharon of the situation, who was still an emotional mess, as she screamed for help.

Kareem’s cousing tried to update Dale on Kareem’s dirty dealings, but Dale was not willing to play along. He decided to pull out a massive gun to prove a point. Yeah, Dale was sick and tired of being toyed around. He had a hilarious line that left me in stitches. Allan was coy with Alonzo about those drugs that Hunter recently consumed, just before Kareem’s cousin, Antonio, alerted Allan that Alonzo’s latest stunt is about to cause all sorts of mayhem. Allan alerted Alonzo those drugs he stole belong to the Mexican Cartel, and Alonzo is looking stupider by the minute. Allan when upset that dark side comes out and he becomes ruthless in a way that is scary people.

Priscilla was realizing that Nancy is absolutely off her rocker. Yeah, this woman has been drugged to high hell and it’s wickedly funny to watch. Sharon called 911, but it was Dale who arrived to the apartment and was shocked at what he found. Officers soon arrived and pronounced Kareem dead! Oh, this is getting wild, as Sharon found herself under arrest.

Sam got an update from David who indicated him and Jason have to travel to ensure safety. Jason stop being an idiot and just follow the lead. David knows what he’s doing. He made it clear that they had been pegged and it was time to prepare for a fight. Priscilla alerted Sam that Nancy is in bad shape. Why the hell are people calling Kyle like he is God? Alonzo, Kyle is the not the HBIC, that title belongs to Donald. Ugh, I’m so ready for one of the bad guys to die; it seems like all the good guys die while the bad ones continue to meddle.

Eli secretly called Victoria, and he had no realization that Simone was eavesdropping on the conversation and she confronted him. Eli you are not good at deflecting, as Simone, while in lingerie tried to seduce her husband, who was not interested (that raised a major red flag). Eli you just exposed yourself, you moron. Bobby is still wooing Priscilla, which is a massive mistake, as Max has warned him multiple times.

Kyle was staking out the cabin and alerted Donald, who wanted a move to be made sooner than later. Kyle was afraid to make a move, but Donald continued to puff his chest, unaware that danger was about to knock on his door. Max found his night out disturbed by Sam who called him asking for assistance to move a package. We already know that package is Jason.

Lilly was surprised to see Brian, who proved he is a bigger threat than the others suspect. Those secret service agents protecting Donald, Brian took him out. Lilly was a bit passive, but ultimately revealed to Brian that Donald was upstairs. He begged her to take her vehicle and escape, not before he passionately kissed her. I have no clue as to what is taking place right now because this episode is action-packed, as Brian decked her in the face. Did not expect that at all people.

With Donald sleeping, Brian snuck into the bedroom and unleashed a barrage of bullets into the bed. Here’s the problem the audience didn’t actually see Donald’s face, so it is very possible it was a decoy, but it has not 100 percent been confirmed just yet. However, if Donald is indeed dead I’m thrilled people.

Kyle and his minions descended on the cabin, just as the final moments of the episode witnessed Richard walking in on Nancy hanging from a door. Yeah, it looks like Nancy tried to commit suicide and it’s not looking good people as Sam struggled to rescue his wife. Next week’s finale looks explosive as we get the catfight we’ve been waiting for: Simone versus Victoria! Next Tuesday cannot come fast enough “The Oval” fanatics!