HOLLYWOOD—It was the season three finale of “The Oval” and oh did this episode deliver people. This week’s episode, ‘Road Kill’ picked up with Priscilla’s instinct kicking into high gear after overhearing Allan and Donald’s conversation. Priscilla was ready to strike, but when Allan shared that Jason had been at their apartment when he attempted to rape Ellie it frazzled Priscilla. It further proved to her that Donald showing up unexpectedly up at Allan’s apartment meant he was up to no good people.

Allan stop being rattled and compose yourself. Priscilla told him to get his shoes on and it was time to leave as danger was present and Priscilla was armed and ready to go. As soon as they opened that door Agent Grip was standing right there with a gun and Priscilla had her firearm loaded, and pointed to strike. She is indeed more than just a chef people. Nancy was worried about Barry being out on the streets and thinking harm was headed her son’s way. Donald attempted to provide his condolences to Hunter about Jason’s death. This is a softer side of Hunter, and he confessed to Donald that Victoria is responsible for Jason’s death.

What, war between Hunter and Victoria has been ignited people and could the POTUS be the one who takes out Victoria? Barry finally answered a call from his father who asked his son to return home because he wanted everyone to stay safe they had to be together. Barry please for the love of God stop acting like a petulant little child. After much asking, Richard was able to get Barry to come home. Alonzo was requested by Hunter who posed questions about Agent Grip and how he snuck Hunter out of The White House in the past. Hmm, Hunter you may not understand this, but Alonzo is NOT Grip. He has a moral conscious and isn’t just going to take you to women at your bequest.

Donald decided to scold Victoria about her latest move, which the audience discovered Donald gave Victoria the drugs that she used to murder Jason. Well, Donald is climbing up the top of the enemy list for a lot of people and I mean a lot of people. Well who is in charge? Hunter, Victoria or Donald? Right now it seems like Donald, but Victoria is about to make a visit and find no one there. Nancy seemed to have Intel on Hunter that she has kept under lock and key for quite some time. Is Nancy foreshadowing something that is certain to transpire before this season finale concludes?

Back to the Sam and Kyle standout, Kyle was seriously hurt, while Kyle continued to throw snarky jokes. Bobby and Max made it inside the safe room and Kyle was NERVOUS people and I like that. Sam was persistent that Kyle be kept alive, Max tried to convince Bobby and Sam that he was ok to handle Kyle. Dammit, just give Max his vengeance that he deserves. Max managed to get Sam out the room and to the hospital.

Kyle messing around with Bobby is not the right person people. Especially after what you did to Lily! Barry arrived back home, slightly somber, thankfully Nancy was able to keep her son cool for the time being. Sharon you are doing too much, but it was the laugh that I absolutely needed, but I seriously hope this tension does not lead to Barry and Sharon hooking up once again. Dale did his best to keep Kareem calm, just as Simone and Eli were worried that the people who were to meet that are late beyond expected. Eli received a call from Max alerting him that Sam has been shot by Kyle.

Eli made it clear that Kyle needs to stay alive and echoed that more than once. Eli and Simone realized they can’t trust anyone, but the people they are working with must take care of things on their own. Sam was not looking good people and that’s not a good sign people. Richard received a call from Max to alert him that Sam was in the hospital and he needed him to stay by his side. Lilly arrived at her home and was taking cash from a safe hoping she was undetected. However, she ultimately came face-to-face with Donald as she attempted to escape the premises.

Donald knew his wife was in the home and called for her to show her face. Lilly wanted Donald’s car, he issued threats about the secret service and she made an epic move by pulling out a gun and planning to fire it at her hubby. He tossed the keys on the table and did his best to bait his wife, as he got closer to Lilly attempting to disarm her. Lilly opened the door and got shot, however, the audience does not KNOW who did it. However, she took that gun and fired shots into Donald. Not looking good people, in terms of who lived and who died, just as Nancy, Dale, Kareem and Sharon came face-to-face with Hunter who arrived at Richard’s house.

Damn! Talk about a cliffhanger people. Not happy not knowing what happened with Priscilla, Allan and Grip, what about Sam, Kyle and Bobby. Come on’ you can’t just leave people hanging like that. Good news, “The Oval” has been renewed for a fourth season! When that premieres, it is NOT known just yet, but we should get answers to the many questions that we still have.