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“The Oval” Recap: ‘Something To Hide’

A blanket was used to hide a tryst in the latest episode of "The Oval."

HOLLYWOOD—Last week Tyler Perry did deliver a surprise to audiences with Hunter walking in on Victoria in bed with Eli on “The Oval.” Yeah, I was dying trying to figure out how the follow-up would play out as this week’s episode, ‘Something to Hide’ witnessed some terrible writing, as Victoria tried to distract Hunter, as Eli fled the room in a blanket to say the least.

There is no way in anyone’s right mind that Hunter did not get a glimpse that was Eli having sex with his wife. Hunter asked questions, but Victoria was not ready to spill, even though it is very obvious she is nervous. Hunter suspected the culprit was Sam and he planned to make his life a living hell. Allan was saved in the nick of time by those agents, but something tells me it was all a set-up to begin with.

Max and Bobby started to question why Eli was speaking to The First Lady aka Victoria for such an extensive period of time. Speak of the Devil, his arrival proved more questionable, as Allan continued to rage, as he always does. Yes, Allan, you figured it out, the guy in the cell was placed in there to threaten you. Allan got schooled that he’s not as tough as he thinks, as a door was open for him to spill.

The longer Jason stayed at that cult it was apparent he started to suspect things were not as they appear, as River showed him the living quarters. Yeah, Jason and River do have similarities now that Jason pointed it out. Hmm, is this going to be some sort of switch and bait situation that gets Jason in more trouble than he expects. River really wants The Highest to take interest in Jason because that means The Highest won’t be after him so much.

Richard played hero to Sam who spilled that he got beat up pretty bad and that Priscilla has cut him off financially. Dale searching for some evidence inside Kareem’s apartment while ignoring a call, just as Max connected the dots and that Eli and Victoria are sleeping together. Max divulged that Simone is missing, which only proved to Bobby that his ally is spot on with his theory.

Max is sarcastic but entertaining as hell. So, this is why Richard was upset with Nancy? He learned that she was having an ongoing affair with his father for a period of time. Oh, I am so over these two people, it is a just a drag of a tale for no apparent reason. Richard cannot expect Priscilla to babysit his wife because he’s upset with her. This is just beyond crazy. You tell him Priscilla, but after news of Nancy’s attempted suicide, it was an emotional blow.

Simone realized that she is seriously in the clutches of a wicked woman who might send her to prison or worse for that attack. Max and Bobby called out Eli’s bluff over Simone and it became apparent that Eli is a bit rattled, and the walls are closing in on him. Donald learned that Allan was arrested by the Feds during an undercover sting that has Alonzo more nervous than ever. Oh, I need Donald knocked down a peg or two as soon as possible because he is a sanctimonious butthole. Donald was pleased to learn from Kyle that Hunter is awake and moving around.

Back at the cult, Jason came face-to-face with Diakhan who suspected that Jason was River. Yeah, things are starting to become a bit interesting to say the least. A big surprise came out when Diakhan revealed that he knows Jason is the President of the United States. Oh, this is a game changer to say the least. Next week’s episode of “The Oval” is truly about to change a lot of dynamics.

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