HOLLYWOOD—Last week, “The Oval” ended in a major way with Kyle and Max getting into a massive brawl. This week’s episode, ‘The Master’ picked up right where things left off America: chaos. Richard continued to prove that he wanted to hurt Nancy in the worst way possible even taunting the notion of making love to Frida who wanted no involvement in his payback scheme. Richard was getting annoyed as he continued to push for answers on Pinky’s father and Nancy gave him a clue people: the father is alive!

It looks like Richard is done with his wife, because he is planning for divorce. Max put a massive beating on Kyle, just as Bobby intervened as he was about to finish off his foe. Dale stumbled upon a bloody and bruised Kyle who was in a state of disarray.

Priscilla anxiously attempted to reach Sam, whose phone kept going to voice mal. Victoria is so damn thirsty it is pathetic to watch. So it looks like Sharon and Kareem are getting back to rekindling their romance, especially after she had wild sex with him in an unpredictable way. Trust was broken and that has been Sharon’s biggest concern. He wanted to prove his loyalty and commitment to being a changed man.

Max was angry that he didn’t get the justice he wanted to take out Kyle. Sam PLEASE STOP WITH THE GODDAMN ‘MA’AM!’ He finally called out Victoria out on her antics about her treatment of Priscilla and how she tried to deliver him a ‘favor.’ Barry spoke with Diakhan about the whereabouts of his daughter and mentioned that he is no longer part of the cult. That only furthers my interest in the series “Ruthless” which I am currently watching as well.

Sam is doing his best to resist Victoria’s charm, but it is apparent he has an attraction to her people. Hunter was busy with his new press secretary. Priscilla dropped the news to Sam that Jean is dead, and then she broke the news that Greg is also dead, a bullet to the head. She spilled all the tea, as Sam acknowledged that he is aware Greg did not kill Jean, and she pointed the finger at Jason. News broke that Jean and Greg’s death was being pushed as a murder-suicide. C’mon Priscilla you are our last hope to exposing the dirty shenanigans inside The White House.

I’m guessing this conversation between Lilly and Bobby was completely staged because that could ONLY explain the dialogue they were using to keep the ruse going and to ensure if the phones were tapped that they wouldn’t suspect anything. Kyle was so drunk and disillusioned that he didn’t remember that Max kicked his ass, just as Dale confirmed that it was Max who attacked him. Looks like Jason and Allan are getting closer as buddies, just as Jason admitted he likes to follow his father around, and Allan’s blood boiled when he learned that Ellie might be having sex with the President.

So that is how Jason has been snooping around: he has a master key from a former secret service agent. While Ellie and Hunter were having sex, Allan busted them in the act, just as Barry paid Diakhan a visit before he threw a bag on the floor noting Barry’s daughter was inside. Hmm, we know a kid is not in that bag, so what’s going on people? Until next Tuesday “Oval” fanatics!

Written By LaDale Anderson